Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget!” Review

Ringer Let's Kill Bridget Episode 19

A LOT of things happened on Ringer this week, I need to see if I can remember them all. So…Machado is suspended, Henry is arrested, Bridget is (apparently) killed and Catherine is an idiot. We also get to find out who has been trying to kill Siobhan all this time.

Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) has been arrested for murder, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is enjoying enjoying some quality time with his ex-wife (apparently the gunshot wound that almost killed him an episode ago healed nicely) and Bridget has been shot by a sniper. What the hell?

Flashback two days and Andrew is screaming at Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell). “How many more people are going to be hurt because of your incompetence?!” Which is fair since Machado hasn’t pulled up any facts on this case in a while, and it’s evident that Machado is beating himself up about it as well.

While attempting to (still) find the lead of the mysterious tarot card he recovered from Andrew’s shooter, he pretty much cracks and loses his mind. He beats the crap out of some random guy and thus becomes suspended from the FBI.

At this point, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) contacts Machado, offering to testify against Bodaway. So… Bridget, as Siibhan tells Machado that she (Siobhan) wants to pose as Bridget to testify. Um…. okay. But Machado raises her with this gem: He wants Bridget (who he thinks is Siobhan) to pose as Bridget, in order to fake her death and keep Bodaway off Bridget’s tail. Yep.

Siobhan hears all of this and in a scene that I STILL don’t understand fantasises about shooting her sister. Think that was foreshadowing?

Catherine then makes an attempt to get with Andrew, who rejects her advances but accepts her offer to buy the land in Palm Springs. But Andrew is no fool – he’s been in league with Schecht the whole time! Juliet came clean to daddy about the entire rape/lawsuit thing and now Andrew is working with Schect to get the money back from Catherine. My head hurts.

Henry’s still trying to convince his father-in-law Tim Arbogast to expose Andrew’s Ponzi scheme, but Arbogast’s reluctant to go to the authorities, since it’ll mean losing the money he invested in Martin-Charles. He then finds himself being arrested for Tyler’s murder and asks Arbogast to get him out of jail… BUT the interrogating officer reveals, “Your father-in-law’s the one who turned you in!” That’s about all we see of Henry and his dear father in law. Where are his kids, by the way?

We are left with Bridget and Machado’s scheme to fake Bridget’s death failing when it’s revealed that Ecknith – Bodaway’s late lieutenant – was not the man who shot at Andrew. The real sniper tries to kill Bridget and instead, is killed by Machado, but not before getting a call from…Catherine!

It’s so much that I can’t keep it straight! What did you think of Ringerthis week? Did you think Catherine would want Siobhan killed?

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