New Girl “Fancyman Pt. 2” Review

New Girl Fancyman (Part 2) Episode 18
“Fancyman Pt. 2,” this week’s episode of New Girl, didn’t exactly pick up where we left off last week, but it did continue the story of Jess and her latest catch, millionaire nice-guy Russell. Not only that, but it took a giant leap forward with the ongoing, secret affair that Schmidt and CeCe have been enjoying. Hey, it even took an impromptu trip to Mexico!

Winston might be changing for the better, but he’s still got a ways to go. Telling your girl as she’s leaving for a bachelorette party south of the border that it’s a good thing you two will get some space from each other is not kosher! In fact, according to Nick’s Lothario college professor friend, it’s an open invitation for her to cheat. Cause, you know, that’s what women do.

I wish for once there would be a guy on TV who, after hearing something like this, could be rational and not presume that his girlfriend is going to lie down with the first cabana boy who crosses her path. But why should I expect anything better from fictional characters when even our senators and congressmen assume that women have no sexual morality? Unable to trust Shelby, Winston stole Schmidt’s car for a midnight run to Mexico.

Unfortunately, he was totally unaware that Schmidt and CeCe were having semi-public sexual relations in the backseat. These two are still going hot and heavy, but with just enough sweetness to make them absolutely adorable and, even more than than, convincing. Trapped in the backseat until the border patrol caught them, they had a very short amount of time to come to terms with the fact that their secret was about to be revealed. To their credit, they handled it better than expected. I just hope they stick together afterwards.

Meanwhile, in the main course of the evening, Jess’s date with Russell ended with an awkward pat on her back, and the second date, which was to have made up for the first, left her alone in a fancy restaurant with a hundred bucks for cab fare. Of course, Russell himself was just nervous as he later told her, but it somehow took the wisdom of a very drunk Nick to convince the two of them to give their odd, May-December romance a shot. Poor Nick. I think it becomes more obvious every week that his feelings for Jess are moving beyond friendship, but he really has no clue yet that they have.

I actually hope Russell sticks around for awhile. Not only is he very easy on the eyes, but he might just help Jess phase out some of her more…annoying quirks. And as far as I’m concerned, the Kermit impression is the first thing that should go.

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