Justified “Measures” Review

Justified Measures Season 3 Episode 11 (7)

When Justified has Raylan and Art interacting in any way, I love it. “Measures” had Art driving with Raylan since Quarles threatened to kill him and everyone else is working the Dickie Bennett case. So that leaves Art and Raylan on a search for Quarles and the two guys from Detroit that are also on the lookout for Quarles.

With Raylan, Boyd, Duffy, and Tonin all on the look out (and wanting to kill) Quarles, I don’t think this guy is long for the Justified world. Which is a shame as Neal McDonough keeps bringing a level of crazy to Quarles that I didn’t think was possible. One of my favorite scenes in this episode was Quarles visiting the house of the drug dealer. He was nervous and twitchy, which isn’t something that we’ve seen from him before. After lulling the two dealers into thinking he wasn’t going to hurt them, he pulls out his quick draw gun and blasts one away. The other follows, but this time with the butt of a shotgun. Quarles then makes a mistake of taking the drugs to Boyd’s girls who promptly knock him out.

Meanwhile, Raylan and Art find the guys from Detroit and surprise! They aren’t working for Quarles; they’ve been sent by Tonin to kill him. Wynn Duffy is now ready to step up and take over Quarles’ position, and is told by Tonin to kill the other man to show that he’s capable of taking charge. Now Quarles has a slew of people on the lookout for him. I have a feeling that these last two episodes of Justified are not going to playout well for our fair headed friend.

I would do a “favorite parts” of the episode, but considering they were all basically Quarles lines, let’s suffice to say that the guy is FUNNY and when he dies (which I feel is inevitable) I will miss his sarcasm on Justified.

What did you think? Did “Measures” live up to your expectations? Are you looking forward to the last two episodes of the third season of Justified?

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