Raising Hope “Hogging All the Glory” Review

Raising Hope returned this week with not only one of the funniest opening scenes on this show, but one of the funniest openings I’ve seen on any show recently. “Hogging All the Glory” started by showing us what the Chances do instead of getting the paper every Sunday: They act out the funnies themselves! Seeing the crew all dress up like the Peanuts gang and reenact a classic Charlie Brown and the football sketch was hilarious, and it was yet another great example of showing the goofy things this family does to substitute for the more expensive things in life.

We go right from this to the main story of the episode: Burt becoming the new head of Heaven’s Helpers. Heaven’s Helpers is an organization at the Chance’s church that has always been run by guest star Vivica A. Fox. In order to prove that Burt is up to the task, he agrees to house a seeing eye animal for the blind piano player in the congregation, and soon realizes (Much to Virginia’s dismay) that the animal is a pig.

Seeing Mr. Curly Tail at the Chance’s house was absolutely hilarious. Dressing up to match Virginia, sleeping in bed with Burt and Virginia, and relaxing on the couch with the rest of the family, was all so funny. It made it all the more depressing when Maw Maw killed Mr. Curly Tail and turned him food. Thankfully, though, this led to one of the funniest sequences I’ve seen on this show.

After Burt finds a regular pig to replace the dead helper pig, they decide that they need to lead the pig around to assist the blind man. Seeing the Chance family hobble around town holding an apple in front of the pig was great, but there was even better material here. Burt pretending to be the local Natesville morning show, eating all of the pigs treats (and later pretending he didn’t), and seeing Sabrina take the place of the new Mr. Curly Tail were all hilarious.

This episode was great not only because it was funny throughout, but because the episode didn’t feel the need to shoehorn any lesson or moral into the story. Instead we just get a hilarious family put into hilarious situations and watching hilarity ensue. That’s all that a comedy should be sometimes. With Raising Hope showing repeats to take the place of the failed I Hate My Teenage Daughter, I hope this means that FOX has enough confidence in the show to justify renewing it for a much deserved third season. Cross your fingers!

Random Thoughts:

– I saw Vivica Fox on a plane once. That’s it. That’s my anecdote.

– I loved the little inside joke between Virginia and Burt at the church congregation. “It’s like that show with the guy from Mallrats you kept trying to get me to like”. A clear reference to My Name is Earl, another show from Greg Garcia, the creator of this show.

– Burt’s description of how he got the back-up pig was hilarious, and seeing the realization dawn on his face about what the creepy owner was talking about was priceless.