NCIS “The Good Son” Review – Family Makes Things Complicated

NCIS (CBS) The Good Son

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called “The Good Son,” Leon Vance has a pretty rough couple of days. His brother-in-law, the same young man that he’s been trying to help raise since the kid was 8 years old, is in big trouble. Michael is Gibbs’ number one suspect in a murder, but Vance doesn’t want to hear about it. He believes the guy has been through some touch stuff but is getting his life back together. Heck, Vance has even been loaning him money to get his own car repair shop started.

We’ve had a lot of family members of the team accused of various and assorted crimes, but it’s pretty rare when one actually turns out to be guilty. But I should have known it would happen, seeing how Vance was so very invested in this guy. It sucks that Michael let him down, but when Vance hugged his son at the end, I hoped it would make him realize that he has two children of his own and they seem to be outstanding young people. So while Michael may have gone down the wrong path, hopefully his kids won’t follow in their uncle’s footsteps.

Meanwhile, in the seemingly never-ending saga of Tony struggling with being a grownup or a great big kid – Tony gets a performance report and, thanks to one line from Gibbs, decides that he needs to stop talking so much. Which leaves his co-workers confused and me wondering why we can’t just have Tony be good at his job without it being a big deal. I seem to recall there was a time that he used to balance the goofiness with the seriousness, maybe around seasons 3 and 4?

This time, Gibbs puts an end to it all by telling Tony that he has come to depend on Tony’s incessant chatter. He may “yabba yabba” a lot, but that yabba often brings him to points in the case that no one sees. It’s like how McGee can pull stuff up on the computer no one can, or how Ziva can throw a knife like noboby’s business. Everyone has their talent and maybe Tony’s yabba is his.

Oh and on a completely different note, can we just talk about how many bad guys, suspects, creeps and various scumbags have been named Michael on this show? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s some sort of joke against Michael Weatherly. Because it’s totally starting to crack me up now. I swear we must be at somewhere around 7 or 8 of them.

My favorite bits..

“You two really suck at whispering.”

Finding it hilarious that Ziva and McGee always act annoyed about Tony never shutting up, but then always freak out whenever he’s quiet.

“Talkative…coming from a functional mute. That’s rich.”

The way “yabba” became code for talking.

Even Ducky is noticing that Tony isn’t talking enough.

“It’s complicated.”
“Family, Leon. It always is.”

That freaking awesome tackle by Tony.

Tony pointing out to Brian that finding him in the dead guy’s girlfriend’s apartment with his pants around his ankles didn’t exactly scream innocence.

Vance finally admitting to Gibbs why he was being so careful with Michael.

Abby once again trying to talk herself back out of the corner that she had just talked herself into.

Loving the fact that Jackie knew immediately that something was up between Leon and Michael. I love how nothing ever gets past her.

“Abs, I haven’t had my coffee yet.”
“Ooooh.” – Her face was priceless.

Gibbs putting his hand on Abby’s shoulder when he realized she’d stayed there all night to clear Vance’s brother-in-law.

“ much for the sex part.” – Hahaha! Once again Gibbs comes up with an awesome zinger.

Vance telling Michael to lay off Gibbs because it wasn’t easy on him either.

“I thought you didn’t like my process. My yabba yabba'”
“Doesn’t mean I don’t depend on it.”

The look on poor Vance’s face when he realized it was his brother-in-law in the picture that McGee pulled up.

Vance asking Michael not to lie to him for once in his life. Youch.

Michael actually having the nerve to ask Vance to “help him out.” Yeah I knew that wasn’t gonna happen the moment I saw Vance’s eyes go hard.

Gibbs telling Vance that he didn’t fail, but that it was just time to let go.

Vance playing with his son.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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