House of Lies “Business” Review

House of Lies "Business" Episode 11 (2)

And the dark spiral of Marty Kaan continues.

With the merger on its way to becoming a reality, this week’s episode focuses on the things people will do to get ahead in business. Though the movements and machinations of the scheming people at Galweather Stern are all explained away with the “It’s just business” company line, it’s clear that Marty Kaan takes every business offense rather personally. In response, Marty will always counter by attacking you personally. We saw him do it from the very first episode. He doesn’t want to defeat his opponents, he wants to leave the lasting impression on them when he leaves. He always wants people to know that they tangled with Marty Kaan and they lost. While it’s fun thing to watch, it’s a pretty dangerous way to do business.

This week, Marty thought he had the merger killed when he came across some dangerous information through Greg Norbert. Though Marty realized the danger that releasing the information would cause, the information still found its way out into the public arena. With Skip Galweather out, at least the merger is killed, right? Wrong. It turns out that Marco “The Rainmaker” orchestrated the entire scene as a way to wrestle the top stop away from Skip. Now, it seems that Marty’s last professional friend has turned against him.

I was interested to see how Marty would counter this betrayal. Though Marco tried to assure Marty that it was all about business, Marty took this betrayal personally. Instead of coordinating a multi-pronged offensive aimed at making a savvy business play of his own, Marty decides it would be better if he slept with Marco’s daughter instead. Just when you were beginning to question how he was going to play this move, Marty tells the girl to “Tell your dad the next time you see him that Marty Kaan said hello.” Boy howdy, that should make for an interesting final episode of the season.

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