Mad Men: 5 Reasons To Be Excited for The Season 5 Premiere [Review]

Mad Men hasn’t been on the air with new episodes since its Season 4 finale on October 10, 2010. So needless to say it’s been a long time. Last season ended with quite a few shocker and a lot of questions left unanswered including Don asking Megan to marry him, Joan deciding to keep Roger’s baby and make it pass as her husband’s, and SCDP’s fate left uncertain.

I have seen the 2-hour season 5 premiere, which airs tonight, and wish I could address these, but unfortunately we were asked by series creator Matthew Weiner and AMC to keep quite a few plot points secret, which I think will make watching the premiere more interesting anyway.

That said because there is so much that we aren’t allowed to talk about, I decided to write about the 5 reasons why you should be excited for the season 5 premiere.

1) Joan Harris

Obviously I cannot comment on the baby situation, but what I can say is that seeing Joan reminded me of how much I like her as a character. I think that this is one of the strength of Mad Men. Joan could have just ended up being a pretty face in the office, but the writers have made her so much more than that. While she isn’t necessarily happy that women don’t get as many opportunities as men, she understands her place in society and uses that to her advantage to get as far as she can. And that probably makes her the smartest person in the show. She continues to be my favorite.

In the premiere, Joan has many great scenes, but there is a particular scene between her and Lane Pryce that I really enjoyed. I won’t say much more, but keep an eye for it.

2) Don Draper

Mad Men wouldn’t be Mad Men if it wasn’t for Don Draper. Let’s be honest, Don is quite the complex man and we can definitely expect that to continue into season 5. Again, I cannot say much about where Don is at in the premiere, but I can tell you that your questions will be answered. Even more he has a really intriguing scene that involves cleaning things up…

3) The Advertising World

Mad Men takes place in the advertising world and if that’s a part of the show you enjoy, then you’ll be happy to know there will be more advertising talk and campaigns. However, you’ll have to tune in to find out how SCDP is involved with that.

4) Questions Will Be Answered

I keep mentioning that we’re not allowed to say much about the premiere, but I think you will be glad to know that the reason is because the premiere answers quite a few questions the show left us with. In fact I took a look at our review for last season’s finale and here are all the questions Dani had:

What did you think of the season finale of Mad Men? Were you expecting the Don/Megan engagement? Do you think the wedding will ever happen? Was Don’s judgment just clouded due to all of the memories in California? Will Faye try to destroy Don or just let him go? What will happen with Joan and her husband when he comes home to a baby not yet born or one that is born way too late? Is Bert really gone for good? So many questions and a long wait until Season 5.

I would say that 90% of these questions will get answered in the premiere along with a few more. So that’s definitely something to get excited about isn’t it?

5) Mad Men Is Back

I think my fifth reason really comes down to the fact that the show is back and with it all the characters that you have come to love and its quality storytelling. And while the premiere does answer quite a few questions, it also sets up the rest of the season, which I think will be very interesting to navigate.

In fact, there is a bit of a new historical element present at the beginning of the episode and at the end, which I hope will be explored more throughout the season.

I hope you are excited to have Don Draper and co. back in your living room, so do not miss the 2-hour premiere tonight, March 25th at 9pm on AMC.