In Plain Sight “Four Marshals and a Baby” Review

This week’s episode of In Plain Sight picked up with Mary armed and ready for action after finally being cleared for work.

There were so many major revelations before the opening credits it was hard to keep up! Let’s see…

– Stan was not quite dating someone, he was crushing hard on his dance instructor Lea. Lea is played by Tia Carrere who appears to be playing herself. I really thought those were pictures from her Dancing With The Stars appearance on the walls of her studio. Stan was so smitten by Lea he actually used Nora to make self deprecating bald jokes.

– Mary was tired, looked lonely and appeared to be harboring some major resentment towards Jinx. Thanks to a last minute business trip to Vegas, Mary brought Nora to work where we learned that the Albuquerque Witsec branch may be shut down.

Being short a babysitter was the least of Mary’s worries. She had witnesses with problems and the Washington office seemed to determined to use her as a dumping ground for work. The day got even better with another appearance by Marshall’s new Nazi witness. Although I saw her in the “previously on” part of the show, I don’t remember this story at all from last season. The Nazi witness was just a regular beacon of light as she managed to piss off Delia, who is easily one of the most freakishly chipper characters I’ve ever seen on tv.

Beth’s landlord was unexpectedly creepy but he had NOTHING on whatever was going on in Beth’s apartment. Beth’s entry into the witness protection program evidently drove her to hoarding. I don’t blame the bunny for hopping out of that place. Confession, Beth with the gun shocked me so much I nearly dropped my computer. She had officially passed crazed creepiness and entered the realm of dangerous. Delia, Mary and Stan were all having really horrible days.

After watching everyone endure such a grueling day, it was nice to see Stan finally get the guts to ask Lea out on a date. It was even better to see her say yes. Yay!

With the terrible day that everyone had, I really could not stand to see Carlos killed. I’m glad that we saw him peacefully riding off into the sunset with his alpacas. I hope that if we see him again it will not be under perilous or sad circumstances.

Sound off below on this week’s episode. Does everyone from DC on In Plain Sight have to be such a pain in the ass?