Fringe “A Short Story About Love” Review

Fringe "A Short Story About Love" Review

This episode of Fringe brings us a tale about what people are willing to do to find their one and only true love (and in some cases it’s actually pretty damn creepy). We also follow Peter’s odyssey to get back home, with some unexpected help.

I think we know what’s that thing Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love…

Tonight’s case was incredibly creepy, but it also had an interesting vibe going on. Anson’s quest for the perfect scent of love had a pure purpose in trying to make sure everyone had someone to love. I actually found his scientific process interesting, how he was taking samples of the pheromones post murder and building off of those scents, but not so much the killing. While this story did seem to play second (or third) fiddle when compared to the rest of the episode, I did like the twist involving the cheating husband, didn’t see that coming.

On the other hand, we also how Olivia is dealing with her new found feelings of love for Peter. While last episode Olivia was struggling with two sets of memories, it’s becoming clear that the memories from Peter’s Olivia are starting to take over. Her decision to risk losing her original self to be with the person she loves is very brave, and I can’t wait to see if the two of them acknowledging their love will start to change other things. By the way, I like the concept that Olivia had to agree that she was going to change to stay in love with Peter, while the Observer tells Peter that this Olivia is the Olivia he fell in love with.

Playing the Observer’s Scavenger Hunt

The other main storyline this week was Peter continuing to learn more about the Observers and receiving their guidance in his quest to get back to where he came from. Thanks to Walter’s discovery that September, the Observer, left a microdot on Peter’s eye (best use of a Teddy Bear Nanny Cam ever), Peter sets out to learn more about the Observers. Through his small quest we learn about where the Observers live (a non-descript little apartment in green tones), their home decor (very 1950’s with kind of a Quaker simplicity), and what’s in their wardrobe (seriously all they wear is black suits and fedoras). Peter stumbles upon some of the tools they use in their work: high tech opera-type glasses that have a heads up display and a tracker, which starts beeping and pointing him to a location.

The tracker leads him to one of the small torpedo like objects from Season 1 and when Peter activates it (apparently by eating a potato chip), September suddenly appears. He had sent Peter on this little adventure to help him get back from where the other Observers had taken him. Peter asks September to help him home to his Olivia, but his answer shocks him, he has been home all along and this is his Olivia. Apparently when the Observers tried to erase him at the end of last season enough people hung on to pieces of memories of Peter to prevent him from being totally gone.

So where do we go from here?

Peter and Olivia are back together (and the ‘shippers say “Yay!”), but what does this mean for the rest of the characters? Is it possible that the longer Peter stays the more people are affected or will the effects be limited to just Peter and Olvia? We’ve seen Walter change dramatically since Peter’s arrived, but will he continue to do so? And what about the alterverse characters like Bolivia? If she interacts more with Peter will she start to regain her feelings for him? I think the writers have their work cut out for them, but it should be an entertaining last seven episodes of the season.

My Favorite Parts from “A Short Story About Love”:

– “I’m in love with Peter.” – Olivia
– Walter using a teddy bear cam to try to catch who was stealing his M&M’s
– of course In those days beaver hunting meant something else entirely – Walter
– “She is your Olivia.” – September

Next week, the Fringe team faces a case involving bizarre creatures, but it all seems very familiar for Peter. A small hint: you may want to watch the Season 1 episode “The Transformation” beforehand. The next episode of Fringe, “Nothing As It Seems”, airs Friday, March 30 at 9 PM on Fox.