The Vampire Diaries “Break on Through” Review

In ‘Break on Through’, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Alaric got the crazy taken out of him, and Damon (with the help of old vampire friend/Finn’s former love interest, Sage) learned that Rebecca’s been looking for wood from the regrown white ash tree.

This was a really good episode but also a really simple one. Perhaps deceptively so? The ring-crazy storyline can’t be over already, which means that either the spell didn’t work and Alaric will go crazypants again next week or that the scene with Jeremy – and the letter Elena found – was foreshadowing his involvement next week. I’m quite happy seeing Jeremy turn into a lunatic as long as he’s back in the show proper. It’s been too long, guys.

Is Sage’s psychic thing something all super-old vampires can do, or is she special? I don’t recall this being addressed, so more on that next week would be good. Anyway, that whole double cross was an interesting twist although I’m failing to see why we should care about Sage’s love for Finn when she’s a new character, we barely know Finn, and we haven’t seen any of their relationship. It’s asking a little too much of the audience for my liking. That said, Sage has served her purpose and now Damon is in possession of a piece of the white ash tree. (However, the burning wood made me think: would daggering one Original make them all dormant? Has this been addressed yet?)

Wasn’t it awesome seeing dark!Alaric this week? (I love when Matthew Davies gets to play the bad guy.) I’m not sure why leaving him alone with Doc Fell was even a viable option though. Didn’t we establish last week that it was council members being killed? Even if it wasn’t, surely two people should have been with him at all times in case he went wacko? And when Elena and Stefan realised the threat, why didn’t Stefan super-vampire-speed his way over to the house immediately rather than waiting for Elena? Ignoring those little issues, I like that Stefan overcame the lure of Doc Fell’s blood in order to help her. The force is strong with little emo vampire.

Can we end this review with a list of all the reasons why Abby is a moron? So she’s worried that she can’t be a good mother and a trustworthy vampire. She wasn’t doing a particularly good job at being a good mother and a decent witch before, anyway. It’s a massive change, sure, but how is hurting your daughter yet again and taking your un-mentored bloodthirsty self out into the big wide world helpful at all? The result: a sad Witchy B and a potential mass murderer on the loose. Good times.

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