The Secret Circle “Curse” Review

The trailers for The Secret Circle episode ‘Curse’ said someone would die. No one died. Which was slightly disappointing after a week speculating about who it might be, but that storyline ended up being fantastic. Alas, the Faye/Lee/Eva storyline I was hoping would be pretty amazing fell flat.

So let’s start with the good. After spending the night together, Cassie and Adam wake up to shiny new information: there’s a curse, their night together will kill one of their circle, they can’t be together. Turns out the dying member of the circle was Jake, and the trio spent most of the episode traipsing around the woods looking for an ingredient for an elixir that would save his life. They find it, but not before an hallucinating Jake inadvertently admits to killing Calvin, the witchy good supplier who was attempting to help Cassie earlier this season. The outcome: Jake lives, but now Cassie doesn’t trust him.

This is where the episode took a short nosedive for me. The effects of the elixir – erasing Cassie and Adam’s love for each other so they couldn’t be together – was such a sappy, cliched move that I was preparing to hate this episode with a vengeance. Even when Cassie remembered, a brutal twist, I thought it would be painful to watch for weeks to come (and who knows, it still might be).

But then came the revelation that the entire curse was fabricated by John because he doesn’t want a Blake-Conant hookupThat’s not just a good twist, that’s a bloody brilliant twist and quite possibly a game changer for the series. That this twist came just as it looked like Cassie finally had a parental figure back in her life, someone to love and protect her, was a ballsy move. It’s about time we finally had a ‘bad guy’ who wasn’t manipulated by outside forces (Jake) or power hungry for the heck of it (Dawn and Charles).

The storyline with Faye and Lee didn’t go so well. This would have been a great plot to draw out over a few weeks, but no. Faye snooped around to find the missing Lee, Eva used her accidental magic to intimidate Faye, and then it was over. It was even more annoying that Faye and the circle didn’t even try to revive Lee, or ask John for help. I’m not saying they could have saved him – like Faye said, the guy is dead – but you don’t learn if you don’t try. So now we’re down one piece of eye candy, down one non-Cassie-related bad guy, and Faye’s single again. With any luck we’ll get to see her and Cassie commiserating together — it’d probably brighten things up and if not, it’d be damned pretty anyway.

TL;DR: a mixed episode. The main storyline was great and used the older actors well (finally). Faye’s storyline fizzled out. With any luck, the first season will build on the former storyline and steer well clear of side stories like the latter (unless the show plans to make them interesting).

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