Supernatural – Castiel’s Back Tonight in an Episode for Every Fan

Supernatural The Born-Again Identity Season 7 Episode

As I sit writing this, it is barely a scant 15 minutes since I finished watching a sneak preview of the dramatic and much-anticipated episode of Supernatural, “The Born-Again Identity.” The CW treated a few members of the press to a screening a day early and TV Equals was happy to be there.

Thanks to the clips and pictures that have been released, I considered myself pretty much “spoiled” before I sat down to watch this episode. After all, I knew who was in it (Cas, Meg, Lucifer), the basic premise (Sam is so far gone thanks to Luci that he’s in a mental ward) and I even thought I had it all figured out as to what part each character would play. Turns out I was wrong. I may have gotten the general idea of the first three acts, but the fourth act went places I never expected.

Obviously I’m not going to say what happens exactly near the end of this episode but if there aren’t at least a few moments that make you want to tear up a bit, then you are made of stronger stuff than I. To say that this episode was good, or great, is not giving it enough credit. In fact I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no matter who you love most – whether you are a Dean fan, a Sam fan, or a Cas fan, I think you will really like this episode. Each character had moments that were as important as they were emotional and I think each one of them took a journey that led them to some very interesting places by the time the final credits rolled.

The good people at the CW network were very specific about what we should and should not reveal before the episode airs tonight. But the truth is, even without their request, I wouldn’t want to give any of it away. There are moments in this one that need to be experienced. They shouldn’t be talked about first or hinted at. These moments need to be seen as they happen, so that every fan gets the full effect of them and the implications they bring to the storyline.

Supernatural “The Born-Again Identity” airs tonight on the CW. Be sure to come back to TV Equals and check out my actual review for all those favorite bits that I am sworn to secrecy about right now. I’m curious to see how many of you will agree with the stuff that made me want to cry, and the stuff that made me want to cheer.

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