Lost Alum Rebecca Mader to Visit ‘Fringe’

COVERT AFFAIRS "Half a World Away" Season 2 Episode 7 (2)

TV viewers know actress Rebecca Mader best for her role of Charlotte on the juggernaut ABC series ‘Lost’ and now she will be turning up in the final two episodes of the current (and to the rapid fans hopefully not the last) season of the FOX cult favorite series Fringe.

As reported by TV Guide, Mader will play a character name Jessica, who is described as “a strong, brave woman involved in a case linked to supervillain David Robert Jones (Jared Harris); but producer are keeping mum on any other specifics.

Executive producer J.H. Wyman was willing to say that Jessica “will have an emotional connection with Olivia (and) they may find out they have more in common then they first thought”.

What little more can be shared about Jessica is that she will interact with both Peter and Walter but there was no comment on if she could turn out to be a love interest for Peter or if she could return for more episode should ‘Fringe’ return for a fifth season.

Besides her work on ‘Lost’, Mader has appeared in the short-lived comedy ‘Work It’ and the short-lived dramas ‘Justice’ and ‘No Ordinary Family’ as well as roles in the films ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ and the online series ‘Aim High’.

‘Fringe’ returns with its spring premiere tonight (March 23) on FOX at 9/8c.