Fairly Legal “Start Me Up” Review

Fairly Legal (USA) Start Me Up

In tonight’s episode of Fairly Legal, called “Start Me Up”, Kate has a lot on her plate, which is pretty much business as normal for our fair Kate. First of all there’s the small matter of her boat blowing up and then of course the news that her husband, soon to be ex-husband, cheated on her.

But Kate doesn’t ever let the little stuff get her down (or really the big stuff for that matter) and she plows on ahead into a new case. The FBI is trying to take away an innocent woman’s kidney just so that they can give it to a hired gun who says he won’t testify against a bigger bad guy unless they do. So Kate pulls out all the stops to help, even going so far as to get Justin’s help. Not only does she get the girl her liver, she also gets the thug to testify. Go Kate.

Meanwhile Ben is settling in at the firm and causes trouble right out of the gate when he takes on a client who is in direct opposition to one of Lauren’s clients. Lauren asks Kate to talk to him, but the problem is that, even though he’s kind of a jerk about it, Ben has a point. So with a little nudging from Kate and Ben, Lauren makes the big decision to do what’s right for the firm.

But while Ben may have been able to get what he wanted out of Lauren, I was really happy to see that things weren’t quite as easy with Leo. I loved that Leo didn’t back down from Ben’s attempts to control him, though I am suspicious that they might be gearing up to have Leo be assistant to both of them. I kind of hope that doesn’t happen, I think Leo and Kate are a team and shouldn’t be broken up. I guess we’ll have to wait and see where it goes. Maybe they’ll get Ben an assistant that will drive Leo as crazy as Ben drives Kate. Now that would be hilarious.

My favorite bits..

Leo explaining all about Kate’s boat blowing up, while she was trying to sleep on the couch.

The way Leo proved to Kate that she needed a shower before coffee.

Kate walking through the office in a towel.

Ben waving to Kate from under that ridiculous mask.

Ben referring to the FBI guys as Mulder and Scully..and then dancing to the elevator music.

Kate manipulating Agent Hughes into leaving his post. Dang, she’s good.

Kate trying to guess what Agent Hughes first name could be. My favorite guess was Bartholomew.

“Wow, you guys run your transplant list like a line to get into a night club.” – Man, she wasn’t kidding. So ridiculous.

Kate comparing agreeing with Ben to having slugs crawl up her back. Ew.

Leo informing Ben that his papers were probably next to the copier where he left them. Ha!

Justin coming to the rescue just in time with the warrant for the liver-stealing thug.

Kate working it out for the thug to testify anyway. So awesome.

“I’m an idiot, a fraud and a dishonor to my dead husband.”
“Oh, so he took it well.”

“I like my eggs sunny-side up.”
“Good luck with that.”

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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