Awake “Kate Is Enough” Review

We were treated to another mythology-free episode of Awake this week with “Kate Is Enough,” prompting me to wonder if perhaps the secret agenda of Michael’s boss, whether she’s in the Red universe or the Blue, might not be as big of a part of the whole picture as we first assumed.

Once again, we were presented with two cases…an apparent suicide in the Red and a robbery/murder in the Blue. Both cases were connected by the reappearance of a woman from Michael’s past, Kate, a former babysitter of Rex. In the Red universe, she was a wildly successful investment banker who happened to be on the boat where a girl supposedly jumped overboard.

But in the Blue, she was a drug-addicted B-actress who had been dating the murder victim. Both of Michael’s shrinks had perfectly good reasons why she was appearing to him in both worlds, but in such vastly different incarnations, but there was still no way of telling which Kate was the real one.

In the end, only the Kate in the Blue universe turned out to be a killer, but something very interesting was revealed. Both Kate’s had suffered the loss of their sister in a freak surfing accident in Mexico. Both of them were there for the accident and unable to stop it, and both of them were plagued with guilt afterwards. The difference was in how their mother handled them. In the Blue universe, the mother gave up trying to help, and Kate slid into drugs and eventually murder. But in the Red universe, the mother never gave up and eventually Kate recovered and went on to great success.

This, of course, clearly paralleled what was happening to Rex in the Blue universe. Still devastated by the loss of his mother, he was acting out, picking fights and losing control. Michael had no idea how to help him, but after meeting both Kate’s, it became clear that no matter what, he could not give up on his son. It was a really great tie-in that made so much sense for his character. Whatever is going on in his head, it’s giving him the opportunity to alter the course of his realities.

All in all, another very good episode of Awake. I’m glad they’re still continuing on this path, but I have a feeling more mythology stuff is coming soon. Whether it will help them or hinder them remains to be seen.

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