30 Rock “Kidnapped by Danger” Review

It looks like Jack’s revamped efforts to save Avery also rekindled his feelings for Avery’s mother. Quite the unanticipated result.

Jenna get’s Yankovich-ed as Weird Al parodies her “Kidnapped” song into a tale about a nap sack. Tracy cautions her against using her lawyers to keep Weird Al at bay and instead, works with her to create a “parody proof” song. Not even a song about a pizza could keep Weird Al from making a parody. He turned the pizza song on its head with a twist – he gave it the “Normal” Al treatment.

I’m also pretty sure that Cynthia Nixon did a wicked good parody of Julianne Moore’s horrible Boston accent during her brief guest appearance on 30 Rock as Jack’s old flame. It was also pretty funny to watch Billy Baldwin take on Alec Baldwin as Jack.

Kenneth’s stupid idea to quit his job in order to save Tracy from Hazel’s disastrous grips has now left him looking for re-employment with Kabletown – in a tuxedo. The 30 Rock powers that be clearly want Kenneth on this show but don’t seem to know what the hell to do with him. I really wish they would figure it out. Collecting discarded food in a slop bucket is NOT an acceptable manner of pooling tips.

I liked “Kidnapped by Danger” a lot better than “Grandmentor” but was still not wowed by the episode. Nonetheless, 30 Rock always gives viewers notable funny moments and lines. . .

– Mitt Rom-mummy
Mitt Rom-zombie
I love that Liz was thinking about Halloween in March.

– “Throw your resume away on the fourth floor and we’ll be in touch.”

– What the hell was the “standing dance” Chubby Checker made a mockery of when he invented the twist?

– What the hell is mythbusters fan fiction???

– Standing up in a pool is crass?

– “All my life I’ve been the third wheel that’s prevented people from having sex.” Said with immense pride by Liz Lemon.

– “Sometimes to prevent monkey business, we must create it.” Thank you Liz Lemon for my new mantra.

“Kidnapped by Danger” looks like it turned out to be an absolutely horrible movie.

What did you think about this week’s second new episode of 30 Rock? Will “Kidnapped by Danger” bring Avery home to Jack? Does Jack even want her to return home?