30 Rock “Grandmentor” Review

It’s the annual TGS walk-on contest on 30 Rock. Thankfully Liz avoids the unpleasantness of announcing Joran Van Der Sloot as the winner and allows Kenneth to take the spot in a ploy to save Tracy from Hazel.

Jack decides to kick up the effort to rescue Avery by getting her story back in the media. Kenneth is still struggling with his new success as an employee in the mother-bleeping standards and practices department but continues to struggle with his desire to still fulfill his old duties as a NBC page. Hazel evidently does not know the difference between “gaze” and “gays.” She seeks Liz’s guidance as a mentor and Liz responds with references to Karate Kid 4. As a viewer, I’m shocked to learn that a Karate Kid 4 even existed.

The mentor/mentee relationship between Liz and Hazel gets a little bumpy mostly because Hazel is crazy. In seeking out mentoring advice from Jack, we learn that Jack is Hazel’s “grandmentor” due to his role as Liz’s mentor. I don’t think that Jack’s “let her fail” worked with Hazel. As previously stated, this is mostly because Hazel is crazy.

Jenna has a rare moment of genius by pointing out that Avery’s story has the stuff of which Lifetime Movie network films are made. According to Jenna, all of the damsels in distress played by her have been saved. I liked the little dig at John Travolta’s alleged wig wearing as Jack perused photos of potential lead actors.

What the hell is happening on 30 Rock when Kenneth points out to Liz that Condoleeza Rice was Hillary Clinton’s predecessor as Secretary of State?

This episode felt more like a setup for story lines instead of a complete episode in the traditional sense. The writers just queued up a ton of problems without any real solutions. Although probably not intentional, it is nice that there were two 30 Rock episodes tonight as “Grandmentor” would have been exposed for the waste of time it was had it been shown alone.

That aside, there were still a few moments and lines from the episode I enjoyed . . .

– Rhythm and News – Matt Lauers Blues-Rock band. What exactly is “blues-rock?”

– Kenneth’s parents were technically brothers?

– Liz took a “Which Gossip Girl are You?” quiz and learned that she was the dad’s guitar.

– Tracy urinates cotton candy?

– Hazel thinks that turning on a man involves greeting your man at the door naked with a set of fake teeth in your mouth.

– “We’re on a show within a show and my real name is Tracy Morgan!” Ha!

– Kenneth sounds like Reese Witherspoon.

– L’eminem? Lemon-em? Really Liz?
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