Supernatural Thursdays: What is Your Most Treasured SPN Possession?

Supernatural is one of those shows that seems to instantly create fans and I’ve found that many of us often have possessions that remind us of the series. I have been to numerous conventions and had the honor of meeting many fans. Each time I get together with others who love this show as much as I do, I find that the conversation frequently turns to those treasured possessions.

Some people buy their treasures, while others make them. But one thing we all have in common is that each of these objects serves as a real-life reminder of a world that doesn’t exist in this one. By having our little collectibles, t-shirts, posters, and other articles, we can have a tangible connection to the Winchesters and their life.

The truth is that I have many treasured Supernatural possessions, but I couldn’t possibly list them all. I have everything from freebies I’ve snatched up at various Comic Cons, two t-shirts (which is rare for me as I’m not a huge fan of how tees look on me), and even some handmade Christmas cards. Since I couldn’t list every single one, I picked out a few of my favorites.


Ah yes, the wonderful DVD collection. I’d say that nearly every collection for a TV show must start with a DVD – at least it does for me. Since I didn’t get into Supernatural until Season 2, there was already one set of DVDs for me to buy when my love for the show began. Which made me a very happy fangirl.

If you come to my house, chances are that you’ll be able to tell right off the bat what TV shows and movies I’m either obsessed with now, or have been obsessed with in the past. When I can’t get enough of a show and want to watch episodes over and over and over, that is when I simply MUST get the DVD. So yes, my SPN DVDs are definitely a prized possession.

My Dean Amulet

This was the first SPN-related thing that I bought for myself that I could keep with me at all times (carrying around my DVDs might have come off as a little odd). When I first bought it, I wore the darn thing all the time. So much so in fact that I wore out the original cord that came with it and had to eventually go buy a new one. I’ve worn it in photo ops at conventions and even to work, back when I had a desk job working at an office.

I loved that I could wear something that reminded me of the show, and of my favorite character, without anyone being the wiser. The amulet was just a cool looking necklace and I loved all the compliments I got whenever people saw it for the first time. I don’t wear it as much these days (I stopped wearing mine around the time Dean stopped wearing his, though I don’t think it was a conscious choice on my part), but I still treasure it.

My Season 1 Poster Signed by 22 Cast Members

I’m sort of putting these in order of when I got them and not so much as importance, as it’s almost too hard to decide which is more important than the other. I love all of these possessions and, almost like children, I find that I cannot easily choose between them. So next on my list is the first item I bought specifically so that I could have it autographed.

At the time, I knew that I would be attending not one, but two different conventions within weeks of each other and that I’d be getting autographs from every guest at both cons (it was included in my tickets). But I didn’t have room for a lot of little things in my home, so I decided on one thing for all – a season one poster that still bears the WB symbol on it (before they changed to the CW) . It killed two birds with one stone as it was a place to “store” the autographs and it would make a nice accent in my office. It hangs there now, proudly sporting 22 signatures, and has been on two continents and seen four conventions.

My Stuffed!Metallicar

My own personal “Baby” was made for me by my good friend Erin (aka @RusticReel on Twitter). This is yet another reason why I will not declare this list in order of love or importance. The Stuffed!Metallicar came to me thanks to the kindness and talent of a friend who I would not know if it were not for this show. She and I have never even met in person, but are one of many examples of a friendship that exists on the internet and phone lines.

Baby arrived to me literally minutes before leaving for my third Los Angeles Supernatural convention. Her box arrived while I was practically pacing the hallway of my apartment building – waiting for the postman’s arrival with her like an expectant father in an old movie. When she arrived she was more than I could have ever hoped for, with exact details down to the license plates and a button that plays ‘Back in Black’. She is also covered in a wonderful material that makes her entire surface sign-able and though she doesn’t yet bear as many signatures as the beloved poster, I hope she will someday.

My Charm Bracelet

Much like my Dean necklace, I love this charm bracelet because it’s a way to wear my love for Supernatural, but without being blatantly obvious about it. It’s like a private little message just between me, other fans, and of course my good friend @Jamie_Rose89, who made it for me.

This bracelet is also similar to the Stuffed!Metallicar in that part of the reason it is special to me is that a friend made it. I love that each of the charms has a meaning to the show, down to the little angel wing that I sadly lost a few weeks after I got it. I love wearing it every time I go out because people always want to know what’s on it and what each charm means. Explaining each one makes me smile, including the little ’67’ and vampire fangs.


Boy, picking out just a few treasured possessions was a lot harder than I thought. How about you folks? Do you have any Supernatural possessions? If so, which are your favorites and why? Be sure to sound off in the comments. You know how much I love hearing from you guys!

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