CSI “Malice in Wonderland” Review

A robbery-turned-murder during a theme wedding kicked off “Malice in Wonderland,” this week’s episode of CSI, leading into an hour that was surprisingly heavy on character interaction. Not that I’m complaining; that’s exactly what I prefer seeing, especially when it involves an homage to the show’s glory days in the form of Sara getting a plant from her husband.

The biggest surprise of the night was getting to meet Hodges’ mother. Although I liked the idea of this, I’m not sure the casting department got it right based on everything we’ve heard about Mama Hodges up to this point. I pictured someone more like Howard’s mother on The Big Bang Theory. Instead, we got Jaclyn Smith, who might even be more gorgeous now than she was in the 70’s.

In preparation for her arrival, Hodges frantically searched for someone in the lab to pretend to be his girlfriend. Mandy turned him down flat and Morgan definitely didn’t want to go there, especially since she was dealing with parent issues of her own. Apparently, being Ecklie’s daughter is as thankless of a job as being his co-worker. But through a twisted set of circumstances, she ended up going along with it, even going so far as to share a meal with Hodges, his mother and her father. All that came out of it, though, was Ecklie nearly hitting on Mama Hodges.

Despite his job not being dangerous and his love life not being full, Hodges got to impress his mother after they were kidnapped by the murderers and he managed to subdue one of them and take her gun. Go, go Action Hodges! Morgan actually seemed pretty worried about him, but I’d be surprised (and disappointed) if the writers pursued that. I am glad, though, that they tentatively bandaged her relationship with her father.

Meanwhile, Finn found herself emotionally affected by the almost-wife of the robbery victim, a woman who had been moments away from marrying her soulmate before he was shot between the eyes for trying to save her engagement ring. While discussing the case with DB, she claimed that she was never able to marry her soulmate, and the moment of awkward silence that followed was telling. Did they? Didn’t they? Will we ever find out?

With everything else going on, Nick and Greg hardly got any screen time, which is always a shame. I long for an episode with the whole gang going out for an early-morning breakfast at Franks. I might not mind the new additions, but the sense of camaraderie between this group has definitely faded.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!