Survivor: One World “Thanks for the Souvenir” Review

Is it wrong to want to wish physical harm on somebody? I’m not saying I want to inflict any lasting injury on Colton, but the beginning of “Thanks for the Souvenir” made me want to knock Colton’s head against a very hard surface. Not to put him in the hospital or something, but maybe just give him a really bad headache. Maybe a minor concussion, if I’m lucky.

Anyway, Survivor returned tonight and really cemented all of the hatred I already felt for Colton and Alicia. I understand being confident, and knowing that you’re on the winning side, but there is no excuse for being that much of a jerk for no good reason. It’s almost as if Colton and Alicia completely forgot that they’re playing not only to get to the end, but to get jury votes once they get there. The worst part is that she just took it! She just said “Yeah, I’m an idiot!” Stick up for yourself! If I was her, I would have just thrown my coconut at the other team’s target to piss of my tribe even more.

After Salani handily wins another challenge, we get a happy little scene of the victors enjoying their spoils. It’s good that we had this scene, because we go straight from that to the cringe-inducing hatred happening over at Manono. We see even more verbal abuse directed at Christina, as she was condescended to and insulted by the terrible two-headed monster of Alicia and Colton.

Apparently, karma is not entirely lost on Survivor, as Colton contracted an acute case of appendicitis and had to be medically evacuated from the game. I honestly can’t remember another time in Survivor history where somebody had to be medically evacuated that was such a major player in the game. Sure, I hated Colton, but he was a major part of the game and featured heavily in every episode thus far. Usually the people we see medically evacuated are people who haven’t made much of an impact. It will be very interesting to see what happens from here on out now that the tribes have experienced an early merge and are now going in to the rest of the game with six men and six women. Will they stick to their first alliances? New alliances? We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– Was Jonas checking out Christina when she ran back from the coconut toss? He even forgot to run!

– Tarzan might be giving Philip a run for his money in the “Worst with people’s names” race. It’s as if he doesn’t even care, though. Katrina? Christina? Same difference.

– How adorable is Kat? I love how shocked she was at Colton having appendicitis, despite actually not knowing what it is. “Whoa!…What is that?”