Southland “Thursday” Review

Southland Thursday Season 4 Episode 10

“After a couple years on the job every cop has to make a decision about what kinda cop they’re gonna be. The time has come for Officer Ben Sherman to decide.”

The fourth season of Southland ended with ‘Thursday’, a nice bookend to a season that started with an episode entitled ‘Wednesday’. What does this nifty naming of the episodes tell us? Well, judging by John’s new rookie, it’s a sign that the world moves on and no matter what happens, Wednesday will always turn into Thursday.

So what did happen this week? Well, we got to focus more on the characters. Lydia finally decided to inform work about her pregnancy and then, after a particularly harrowing case, opted to spend the duration of her pregnancy at home. After Tang’s final day before her move to another division, Cooper finally confronted her about the accidental shooting. And Sherman not only managed to save Amber’s daughter from life on the street, he took out Ronnie too.

I don’t want to say this episode was a letdown because it really wasn’t. If anything, it just sort of embodied the spirit of ‘shit happens and time moves on’; the only part of this episode that really piqued my interest was the horrific case with the burnt kids, and even then we didn’t get to see the man who did it, the knowledge that he was caught supposedly enough.

I know the case was mainly a catalyst for Lydia to finally make a decision about her pregnancy but did we really need another one anyway? After so many weeks of ‘will she keep the baby/won’t she’ and ‘will she tell work/won’t she’, I didn’t really care what choice she made as long as she made one. All that said, kudos to Regina King for the great scene where Lydia’s usually stoic facade finally cracks.

Tang was very almost back to being the character who joined the show in episode 4.01 and that saved her exit for me. Since the shooting, Tang had gone from a character I loved to one I despised, and I went into this episode hoping that she would either die or, by some miracle, redeem herself. She did neither, but since she wasn’t the horrible cold version of herself that we’ve seen over the last few weeks, it wasn’t so bad. (In fact the speeding teenager scene was downright hilarious.) I have to admit that I didn’t really like the eventual confrontation between Cooper and Tang, but I liked seeing Tang begin her new job — and seeing the orange tip on Cooper’s keyring.

The most satisfying storyline this week was Sherman’s. He got to save the kid and kill the asshole pimp, even if he couldn’t save Amber. While the latter proved Sammy (and Ferguson) right, the fact he saved Danielle and got her on a bus back home showed that his way of doing things isn’t necessarily ridiculous. The little head nod between Sherman and Sammy at the pool party, showing no hard feelings, was a nice moment and wrapped the storyline up neatly. (Sidenote: yay for Sammy being alive!)

Summary: a decent episode to end a decent season. It hasn’t been my favourite (it’s probably been the season I’ve liked least, so far) but there have been some great characters and some good moments. I can’t judge it too harshly though; it’s taken Southland four years to hit a slump. Hopefully it’ll be back and better than ever next year.

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