Psych “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again” Review – More Singing Please!

Psych (USA) Lets Doo Wop It Again

In tonight’s episode of Psych, called “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again,” Gus’ old doo-wop group comes back (well, missing one member from last time and adding a new member this time, but still) and this time they let Shawn sing with them. Everything is fine and dandy until poor Shawn collapses in pain and ends up in the hospital with a burst appendix.

It’s lucky he’s there though, because his new roommate turns out to be Deacon. Who was shot at the very party where Shawn and Gus sang to honor him. Since Shawn is laid up, this gives Gus the perfect opportunity to run point on a case of his own, with two sidekicks along for the ride. The boys find that they still need Shawn so they come up with a unique way to take him with them as they investigate. The fact that this felt exactly like a normal episode is a testament to how well it was shot. Having Shawn on the little screen talking and interacting with Gus just he always would, somehow made things even more hilarious.

But in the end, poor Shawn’s brilliant plan backfires when the guy behind the shooting just so happens to be standing right outside the door and hears everything that’s happening. Jimmy tries to kill Deacon and Shawn, but thanks to Shawn’s quick thinking and Gus’ spot-on instincts, everyone lives to sing another day.

What can I say about this one? The whole episode was like a delicious treat from beginning to end. There was singing, hilarity ensued, Shawn and Gus were on their game and it had some fantastic guest stars. What more could I ask for?………well, maybe some more singing. I can’t get enough of them singing.

My favorite bits..

Shawn’s version of warming up.

Shawn and Gus trying to outdo each other in the song. Personally, I think they both sounded great.

The fact that Shawn ended up hanging on to Gus’ leg when he collapsed.

Shawn thinking that he needed a new appendix to jump higher. Then again, who knows? Maybe that is what they do.

The Doo Wop version of the opening theme. Who knew they’d get the change to play it again?

“I could really use a rainbow popsicle right about now.” – Dang it. Now I want one, too.

“I want to curl up in your chest hair and take a nap.” – That was oddly disturbing…and also kinda hot. Is that weird?

Gus trying to pretend that he was at work when he was really at a woman’s prison. I love that he only held on for about two seconds before admitting to Shawn where he was. Worst liar ever.

Gus figuring out a way to take Shawn along. I almost laughed myself silly when he held the screen up in front of the window so that we saw four faces peeking in.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous Drake. LL Cool J has survived Michael Myers, great white sharks and Queen Latifah.”

Shawn thinking that The Holiday was a horror movie. Haha! Especially hilarious to me since that’s one of my favorite movies, like, ever.

Shawn giving his trademark scream when they broke into the room.

Loving the fact that Shawn is still able to spot all those little details, even through the camera on a iPad.

“It was his idea.”
“You’re pointing at the lamp.”

“Don’t make me mute you Shawn.” – Boy, I bet Gus wishes sometimes he could do that to Shawn in real life.

Burmese tiger. Sandra Bernhard sitting on a sparkler. I get those things confused all the time, too.

“If he’s not back in 5 minutes. We go get the bb guns.”
“You know that’s right.” – Well, at least they have a plan.

Gus taking the time to make sure he put enough change in the parking meter before sneaking up to the shop.

Tony and Drake’s terrified faces in the window of the truck as they were driven away.

“We need to get into Chewy’s headquarters and find some clues NOW.”
“Luckily I’m wearing my probable cause door-kicking shoes.” – Yes, but to be fair, doesn’t Lassie always where those?

Shawn trying to join in the happy dance from his hospital bed.

“That’s easy for you to say. Those aren’t iBullets passing by!” – Yes, but how cool would those be???

Shawn’s girly scream of terror when Woody put him under the cover with the body.

Whoa! I so wasn’t expecting Shawn to have a gun to his head. Oh noes!

Gus’s gut telling him that something was wrong with Shawn. Yes! That’s our Gus!

Shawn pretending to be higher on morphine than he was and then kicking Jimmy’s butt.

Shawn and Gus slapping each other on their….nipples?

The whole bit where Shawn lost his adrenaline rush and started feeling pain again. From begging Jules to not look at him, to ending up in Deacon’s lap and getting petted like a kitty. Yes, I rewatched that bit at least five times..okay so maybe it was more, but who’s counting?

The boys inadvertently starting a riot with their singing.

Nearly losing it completely when I saw the Psych-Out. Especially when Lassie got up to sing and dance. Musical episode. That is all I’m saying, folks.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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