Pretty Little Liars’ Janel Parrish (“Mona”) Talks About A’s Big Reveal

Pretty Little Liars Janel Parrish 02

After last night’s big reveal on Pretty Little Liars that A was none other than Mona, Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on the series, took some time to take part in a conference call with reporters to discuss the big reveal and what that means for season 3 of the series.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

– The most challenging and fun part for her was changing from this bubbly character to this dark psychopath.

– In order to play A, Janel explained she had to let go of this character that she had created for two years and create a brand new one.

– We’ll be seeing more of Mona in season 3 because Janel Parrish has been made a series regular.

– She only found out a week before they started shooting that she was A when she read the script.

– The Season 3 premiere will take place 6 months after Maya’s body was found on the anniversary of Alison’s death.

– Janel Parrish explained that she started to get suspicious Mona was A when she started receiving text from A, because in the books Mona starts sending texts to herself.

– In season 3, some people will have scenes together that we didn’t even know knew each other.

– It is pretty clear that Hanna and Mona’s friendship is ruined, but Janel is hoping for a showdown between the two.

– Team A – You will learn about that in season 3, Janel hasn’t seen anything about it yet.

– Janel has no idea where the show is going to go.

– When asked about A’s connection to Maya’s murder, Janel responded: “Nothing is unconnected in Rosewood.”

– As far as the connections to the Black Swan person and Lucas, Janel explained that we’re going to see connections between everyone and that season 3 would focus more on that.

– If A could wreck havoc on another show, Janel would like it to be ‘Revenge.’

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