Breaking In “The Blind Sided” Review

Breaking In The Blind Sided Season 2 Episode 3

I go away for vacation for a couple weeks, one of my favorite shows comes back and wow, has a lot changed. This episode of Breaking In, called “The Blind Sided,” left me feeling just that – like I’d been blind sided.

I know everyone else has had a couple episodes to get used to everything but I jumped in to find Dutch missing, plus new characters Veronica (played by Megan Mullaly, who I adore) and Molly. Now I’m not saying I disliked it, only that it took me a minute to figure out what the heck was happening.

Oz and the gang are after a genius hacker and everyone wants something from the case. Oz of course wants to get paid, Ronnie wants her ‘The Blind Side’ moment and Cam wants what he always wants – to make things happen with Melanie. Trouble is, she wants them to just stay friends and that plan of hers works just great, right up until the moment that they have sex in the back of his car.

Then came the biggest shock of all, at least to me. Melanie left. Sure Oz told Cam it would happen but I never thought it would actually happen. Heck, all through those “final goodbye” moments I kept waiting for the punchline, waiting for when Mel would pop up and talk about moving to a new desk down the hall or something.

Overall I am so happy to have Breaking In back that I feel like a geek on the first day of Comic Con and I’ve just picked up my badge and giant WB bag. But the other part of me needs to come to terms with the new characters and the ones that are no longer with us. I think I need at least a week or so of mourning and then I should be okay.

My favorite bits..

“Look, I’ve told you before. Melanie’s an ice road trucker trapped inside the body of a Telemundo weather girl.”

Cash actually projecting Melanie’s face on the moon like the Bat Signal. Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I thought that was cool.

“Oh, my eyes just had sex.” – Okay so maybe I wouldn’t go quite that far. But I did think those lights were pretty freaking awesome.

“And the bad news in 3…2…”

Veronica disproving Cash’s statement that he was a grown-ass man… turning on his Iron Man t-shirt.

Melanie telling Cam that it’s never going to happen. Aw, poor Cam.

Oz wanting a “metal me” made of him for his deck. Oooh! Can I have one, too? Of him, not me. Getting one of me would just be weird.

The mixture of disgust, shock and…..I’m not sure what on Oz’s face as Veronica and Carol were having their little chat about kids and pets.

“You know your dog is a possum, right? I can tell because this is a possum.”

Getting a new phrase. I think I’m going to use “going all Heigl” all the time.

Rembrandt bringing Cam and Mel poptarts after their cuddle.

Veronica wanting Oz to be the husband in her ‘The Blind Side’ movie.

Cash popping up out of nowhere to announce that Cameron and Melanie had cuddled.

The kiss in the rain to the tune of “In Your Eyes” in Spanish.

Carol’s varied attempts to get Jamal to come on to her.

“Now you’ve got me feeling feelings.”

The picture Oz had of Jamal as Annie in his school play. Scary and creepy and freaky, oh my.

Finding out that Cash once had sex at Comic Con with a she-Yoda.

The Terminator meltdown of Metal Melanie.

What did you think of this episode of Breaking In? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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