6 TV Characters I Would Not Love to Have for Neighbors

Being Human - US, Franklin & Bash, House, MD, Burn Notice, Sanctuary, Eureka

Last week, I wrote about the 6 TV Characters I Would Love to Have for Neighbors. This week I want to look at the other side of the coin, and select the TV characters that might not be so fun or beneficial to have living next door.

Please don’t misunderstand me. All of the characters listed below are fun to watch on TV – these are all programs I love! But, watching someone and living next to them are two totally different things in my opinion. We all expect certain things associated with our homes, and safety, security and a haven from the world are at the top in my book.

Michael Westen – Burn Notice

Fiona, Michael and Sam - Burn Notice

For those of you that do not know, Michael is a former spy who has been “burned” – basically drummed out of the spy business, after false allegations. He makes his living by doing odd jobs which involve helping people that are in trouble. Hey, wait, that sounds like he would be a great neighbor! Someone willing to take on the bad guys (and boy could I use such a person right now, but I digress…), and complete with the expertise and team needed to thwart them.

So, here is the downside. Because of his work, and his past, there are an inordinate number of explosions, gunshots, abductions, and other mayhem like events at his place or nearby. I’m not so sure that is the best neighbor to have! Even his mom, who does not live near him, has had the front part of her house blown up! I think I’ll pass on the excitement this time.

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash – Franklin & Bash

Jared, Peter and friends - Franklin & Bash

These two young men are as cute as bunnies, so why would I not want to live next to them? I can imagine on the plus side that the sheer entertainment value of living near them could possibly be worth it.

However, I am way past the frat party stage of life, and would probably find their seemingly nightly huge, loud parties to be annoying after a while. I wonder if they maybe just invite their neighbors to avoid problems?

Josh, Aidan and Sally – Being Human – US

Josh, Sally and Aidan - Being Human US

Another show with cute as a bunny guys, but a reminder that looks can be deceiving. This group of seemingly normal friends, sharing a house, is of course anything but. Otherwise I guess it would be “Friends.” But, of course, we know that is not how SyFy rolls, so what we actually have is a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost sharing the premises.

Anyone else have a problem with that? Yeah, I thought so. In addition to their own issues, they also seem to have frequent visits from reapers, angry ghosts, other werewolves and other vampires – although vampires cannot come into your house unless invited, a fun fact I never knew, so there is that. Would this really be the safest place to live if you were their neighbor? We have already seen the near disastrous result of Aidan’s friendship with a neighborhood boy who was being bullied.

Gregory House – House MD

Gregory House - House MD

As neighbors go, Greg might not be the worst of what is out there. And of course, there would also be the advantage of having a doctor next door, although I am not so sure he would be as helpful as Hank from Royal Pains, who I mentioned last week. Patients on this show seem to undergo a trial and error process when finding their cure that is invariably unpleasant and typically potentially fatal.

Add that to his anti-social behavior, childish and unstable antics, playing music at odd hours, sometimes destructive pranks and drug abuse, and I think I will pass on having him next door.

Helen Magnus – Sanctuary

Will Zimmerman - Sanctuary

This is another show that is tons of fun to watch, but it seems they have more than their fair share of containment breaches and other strange events that make me question just how safe it would be to live nearby.

No facility is 100% safe, and considering the number of different creatures with strange abilities that are housed there, it is only a matter of time before something gets out, or tries to get in – perhaps unsuccessfully, and then goes on a rampage in the neighborhood. Imagine waking up to find you car smashed – “Uh, honey, the car is smashed again, call Helen.”

The entire town – Eureka

Zoe and Jo -Eureka

While this town looks bucolic, disaster is just one small step away at every turn. Yeah, if I were single and young, it would probably be a lot of fun to live there. They have all kinds of neat gadgets, and interesting events all the time. But, at this point in my life, I would like to have a bit more security and safety.

Consider that even poor Jo could not escape her house being destroyed by an errant missile in one episode, and then her new house being burnt to the ground by Zane after another experiment gone wrong in another episode. There always seems to be on building or another that is exploding, being melted, caused to float, you name it, it will likely happen. So, definitely not the safest place to live!

Those are my picks for undesirable neighbors. I’m sure we all have different definitions of what makes a bad neighbor, so do you have any different TV characters you would not like to live next to? If so, please sound off in the comments below. Or, if you agree with my choices, tell me what your reasons are for choosing them.