The Voice “The Battles – Week 3” Review

The Voice
The third week of battles on The Voice means we’re one episode closer to live rounds, audience voting and new wardrobes. It also gave the audience the opportunity to be swept up in the magic of Billy Ocean.

Team Adam:

In the first round, Adam selected Pip and Nathan to take on Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good.” Adam loves Pip. I love his suspenders him too but I definitely appreciate Nathan’s talent more after this week’s battle. Both singers entered the battle with understandable nervousness and the usual self-doubt. I appreciate that Nathan stuck to the original lyrics rather than adapting the song to make it “gender appropriate.” I’ve found previous attempts to do this somewhat distracting, so I enjoyed having the opportunity to enjoy Nathan’s performance without getting sidetracked by new lyrics. Adam made a great song selection as Pip and Nathan put on a great episode-opening performance. Adam picked Pip and I’m thrilled I get another round of suspenders.

In the second Team Adam match-up, Adam pitted Angel against Katrina and asked them to take on “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. Katrina was text book perfection and did a great job at connecting with the audience. Angel seemed a little nervous but I thought she masterfully delivered the emotion of the song. In the end, Katrina’s confident performance earned her a ticket to the live rounds.

Team Barefoot Cee Lo:

In the battle with the most disappointing outcome this week, Cee Lo asked Erin and The Shields Brothers to tackle Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” As Cee Lo announced the match-up, I immediately thought this would easily be the most bizarre sounding battle to date. During rehearsals, Erin did not hesitate to try seizing the parts of the song that she believed best suited her voice. Neither Cee Lo nor NeYo were swayed by her attempt to bat her lashes through a subpar rehearsal. As NeYo aptly observed, “there is a lot of cute in the world” so you need to bring something substantive to the table. It is probably unfair to judge Erin based on edited clips but she did come off as though she believed her poop didn’t stink.

Erin looked the part but did not deliver in the battle. The Shields Brothers gave a terrific rendition of the song. I reached a point during the battle where I wanted to mute her parts. I can’t believe Cee Lo picked Erin. Ugh.

Of all the teams, I am most disappointed in where Cee Lo’s team started versus where it is now. Jamar is the only contestant I really look forward to in the live rounds.

Team Christina:

Christina asked Ashley and Jonathas to sing “No Air” by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks. I dislike most things Chris Brown-related so I was not jazzed about the song selection. I did, however, appreciate that it would provide the two battling contestants a true opportunity to actually perform a duet. Ashley was a bit nervous to face off against Jonathas but as her coach advised, a song like this is so up his alley that it could be to his detriment. The two delivered a great rendition of the song. Faced with a tough choice, Christina picked Ashley to move forward to the live rounds. Unfortunately for Jonathas, the song choice pigeonholed him a bit while it allowed Ashley to take some risks and demonstrate more diversity in her singing. Based on the performance, these two should stay in touch and consider doing more duets in the future.

Team Blake:
Alyx and Jermaine were first up for Team Blake. The two were asked to battle it out over Billy Ocean’s “Get Out Of My Dreams.” To borrow from Parks & Rec’s Andy Dwyer, this was AWESOME SAUCE! Alyx came off a bit stepford to me or whatever the equivalent for stepford is for pop stars. Pageant kid?

Blake is a bit of a loose cannon with his selections so contrary to Alyx and Jermaine’s speculation, I doubted that age would have anything to do with his final decision. I totally thought Alyx would get the call from Miranda while driving in a Kia and the producers went and changed it up on me. Although I find the product placement quite annoying, it was nice to see Jermaine get the staged call from his daughter this week while driving in a Kia. I’m going to chalk that up to the magic of Billy Ocean.

The battle was a fierce yet healthy competition. Jermaine, rest assured you were no one’s backup singer tonight. As Adam observed, “you took this song and kicked its ass man.” Alyx, find the person that dressed you and punch them in the face – twice.

As Blake rambled on about Alyx, I was getting really nervous but thankfully he made the right choice – Jermaine. Again, it must have been the magic of Billy Ocean.

In the final battle of the night, Gwen and Erin faced off to the tune of Pat Benatar’s “We Belong.” Whenever I hear this song, I immediately think of The Office’s Kelly Kapoor singing her personal rendition to a very reluctant Ryan Howard.

During rehearsals, we learned that Erin’s terminally ill father was given less than 24-hours to live and insisted that she stay on the show. What a tough position for Erin.

Both women gave very different but great performances. In the end, Blake chose Erin. In somber but fitting close to the show, the producers dedicated this week’s episode to Erin’s father who we learned passed away.

The rolling tally of awkward moments on The Voice . . .

– Blake telling Erin that he was glad she wore her barely there attire during her performance. According to Blake, it’s all he’s got left as a married man. Ugh.

– Each time I watch Cee Lo’s group chats, I notice something different about his appearance or surroundings. Last week, it was his bare feet and this week it was a peculiar porcelain dog statute sitting by his side. Cee Lo is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

– Babyface noting that he initially thought “Wayne’s World” upon first seeing The Shields Brothers.

Next week should mark the end of the battles – finally! Sound off below on this week’s episode of The Voice. Would you have picked Erin over The Shields Brothers?