Raising Hope “Poking Holes in the Story” Review

“My nipple is caught! My nipple is caught!” Raising Hope returned tonight with a hilarious opening scene, as Jimmy and Sabrina discover how dangerous all of Hope’s baby stuff is. I don’t know how they pulled off the effect of Lucas Neff’s nipple being caught in Hope’s crib, but it was pretty dang impressive and hilarious.

After Maw Maw was conspicuously absent from the last episode, “Poking Holes in the Story” was probably one of the most Maw Maw centric episodes we’ve had this season. Hallucinating about Burt or Jimmy to be her dead husband Wilfred has been a joke several times in the past, but they really fleshed it out tonight. Seeing Lucas Neff all dressed up in 1950s garb, complete with pencil mustache, was absolutely hilarious. Especially when he started speaking like an old fashioned family man. This all ended in a very sweet “Anniversary present” from Jimmy to Maw Maw. As he gave her a necklace and danced under the stars to her favorite song, he told her that “As far as wifes go, you’re the cats meow.” Funny and sweet, that’s what Raising Hope is best at.

However, my biggest complaint with this show is that every single episode has to do with Burt and Virginia warping whatever the story is to help themselves grow as a couple. Instead of really helping Robert and Natalie with their relationship, they turned the whole thing into an excuse to walk down their own memory lane and learn more about their past. They even verbally acknowledged it at the end! As Robert and Natalie looked at them making out on the ground, Natalie confusedly asked if they were supposed to have sex now or not. Virginia admits “this was never really about you”. Well not every story needs to be about you two, either!

Despite my pet peeve recurring in this episode, I still laughed consistently through it and I hope this show does well enough for FOX to keep around for a third season!

Random Thoughts:

– Was this the first time that FOX has had a viewer discretion warning before the episode? They sure made the show sound a lot more damaging than it was.

– I like how Virginia mentioned “Kathy Perry” as an influential celebrity. Katy Perry was just on the show, you see!

– It was a little odd how Virginia kind of glossed over Burt telling her that he cut a hole in their condom. That’s a pretty big reveal, and she acted like it was nothing!