New Girl “Fancyman, Pt. 1” Review

New Girl Fancyman (Part 1) Episode 17
Through the power of her adorable charm and massive blue eyes, Jess caught the attention of the very rich father of one of her students in Fancyman, Pt. 1, this week’s episode of New Girl. Unfortunately, Jess only knows how to date poor underachievers who don’t believe in mail and wear jelly shoes.

But Russell (Dermot Mulroney) isn’t your average member of the 1%. He might have come off as a jerk who placed his daughter’s education over Jess’s touchy-feely teaching style, but in the end he proved himself to be remarkably cool for someone so incredibly rich, as evidenced by his Japanese bidet with a smile-face factor of six. Even Nick developed a bit of a man-crush on him.

I understood the reluctance Jess had about Russell’s potential interest in her…up to a point. Not everyone in the 1% is inherently evil. Some people use their money to help others, and I hope Russell continues to be one of them. The title would seem to suggest that he will be returning for a Pt 2, so we have a good shot at finding out. At the very least, Nick will be able to try on more of his sweaters.

Meanwhile, Schmidt ruled at bar trivia and earned the admiration of Winston’s girlfriend, Shelby. In order to prove he was just as smart, Winston enlisted the son of Schmidt’s boss (in a nice bit of continuity, he’s still baby-sitting the kid for extra cash) to help him memorize tons of useless facts. But during the game, he got them all mixed up. Fortunately for him, Shelby doesn’t want a man with too much money or brains. I’m not sure, but that might have been the biggest burn of the night, and I’m including the public mocking Nick endured over his credit score in that statement.

As much as I still want Nick and Jess to realize they’re perfect together, I’m willing to see what happens with Fancyman Russell. If a man still wants to date you after you’ve broken his imported bidet, it’s a very good sign that the relationship might just work.

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