NCIS “The Tell” Review – Romance for Gibbs?

NCIS (CBS) The Tell

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called “The Tell,” that is pretty much what everyone is looking for – one man’s tell. NCIS and Psy Ops are working together on an op to flush out those responsible for blackmailing the SecNav. Because Psy Ops is back, that means we have the wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis back as Dr. Ryan, plus Sean Astin playing one of her fellow agents, Elliot. As if those two guest stars weren’t enough, we also had one of my personal favorite actors, William Russ, as the SecNav’s best friend and highest suspect on the list, Phillip Wickes.

What happens throughout the episode is a dance. Gibbs and company try to trick, cajole and do everything else they can think of to get Wickes to admit that he’s the one behind the blackmail. I guess they would have had an easier time getting the man to confess if he’d been guilty, but seeing as how it was his brother, that made it a little harder.

Now as for the secondary storylines, I am still getting a kick out of Curtis’ Dr. Ryan and almost surprised at myself by the fact that I like the idea of her and Gibbs getting together. I’ll admit to being a jealous fangirl sometimes and thinking that not many women are good enough for our Gibbs, but she’s great and I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out. The only moment she irked me a bit was when she couldn’t seem to get over being wrong, but I think I can overlook that for the moment. Turned out she was right this time, but I’m curious to see what happens someday when she actually is wrong.

My favorite bits…

The sight of one of my early crushes, William Russ. I just adored him when he was on another CBS show, Wiseguy, back in the day.

Ziva’s theory that Tony and Gibbs were off together at some kind of “man day.”

“Usually I just get them to say they did it. It’s easier.”

Finding out that Gibbs like powdered sugar on his pancakes and not syrup. That is so like him, to do things slightly against the norm.

The entire back and forth that went on between Gibbs and Ryan while Gibbs interviewed Wickes.

Ryan saying that Tony’s “gameshow host quality” would help in the op. I do admit to giggling to that, even though a part of me was sorry that it wasn’t based on the fact that he’s simply a fantastic agent. Sigh.

“Sorry, I shoot straight and hope that it’ll be tempered by my teddy bear cuteness.” – Haha, great line.

Whoa, look at Elliott doing the kick down the door thing. Nice.

Gibbs leaning down to stare at Ducky while he watched Ryan talking to the body.

“You should get out of my head while you still can.” – Haha! That’s awesome. I want that on a t-shirt.

“You want to know why you’re grumpy all the time? You need more sex.”
“I’m not answering that.” – Hm, interesting to note though that Gibbs *was* a little more chipper in season one, when he had a steady thing going with the unidentified red head. Something to ponder.

Gibbs knowing instinctively that Ryan had gotten a text from her son.

Abby answering Ryan with just her thoughts.

SecNav just walking straight into the interrogation room to ask Wickes flat out if he was involved.

Gibbs pointing out that Ryan that her admission about being wrong proved she was, in fact, human.

Really enjoying Tony in that sweater and dress shirt combo. Just sayin’.

Ziva using the word “cahoots.”

Well if that’s what the kids are calling “charades” these days…I’m all in. LOL.

Gibbs’ smile when he saw the little boat drawing.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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