NCIS: Los Angeles “The Dragon and the Fairy” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) The Dragon And The Fairy

Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “The Dragon and the Fairy” starts with a young man getting himself shot while trying to run away from some mysterious men in an equally mysterious black car. I assumed that said young man would be a murder for the team to investigate but I was wrong. Instead he leads them to a ring of criminals running a sweat shop, as well as a man who’s planning some terrorist acts. Pretty impressive coming from a simple kid who can’t even speak English. But even though the team caught all the bad guys there were to be caught, I think my favorite thing they did in this one was to reunite an entire family, all three generations.

Meanwhile, in the background we had the hilarious basketball theme that ran throughout the episode – from the impromptu game in the beginning, to the nerf ball edition in the squad room, to Deeks’ coffee cup basketball game in the car and finally to the very serious (thanks to Hetty) game at the very end. Talk about a fun way to give us some great team moments. I vote for games in every episode. Maybe next time they could try bowling…although I’m not sure how Deeks would do that in the car. Then again, he’s pretty clever, I’m sure he’d figure it out.

My favorite bits…

“The Good” and “The Ugly” as team names.

Haha! Poor Deeks and his “That’s my girl!” habit. I wonder how many times he’s going to get caught saying that before he learns to stop himself before doing it out loud.

Haha! LOVED the opening scene with the basketball game. Especially Nell sinking the ball and Kensi slapping Deeks’ butt. Awesome.

“What’s wrong with my desk?”
“Nothing an industrial vacuum cleaner couldn’t fix.”

You know, there’s nothing I hate worse about driving in LA than when cars blow up on the side of the road. So annoying.

“That didn’t feel so routine.”
“No. No, it didn’t.”

Wondering if I’m the only thinking that the reason the kid had Cleary’s name in his pocket is because Cleary’s his dad.

Haha, poor Deeks. Of COURSE Kensi agreed to netball because she was going to suggest they ALL wear the tiny little skirts.

Kensi rolling her eyes when Deeks made the crack about “the boy with the dragon tattoo.”

Eric attempting to catch the ball. Oh dear.

“That’s a fertile fairy.” – LOL! For some reason the way Callen delivered that line totally cracked me up.

Hetty showing Callen the picture from her time in Vietnam.

“Speaking of housekeeping. Clean up your balls.”
“You’re just mad because I left them all over your car.”
“Please. They’re not even big enough to worry about.” – Okay that whole exchange was beyond hilarious.

Deeks, Monty and another canine friend coming to the rescue. Deeks saying “let’s go hit on some poodles” as the truck drove away made me laugh so hard.

Callen suggesting sprouts on Sam’s half of the pizza as a way to “eat healthy.”

Callen’s “Seriously?” when Sam started slapping nonexistent dust off of his shirt.

Callen getting the translation over the phone from Cleary so he could tell the people to get back from the window while Sam drove the truck into the door. Wow, that was intense.

The fact that Deeks didn’t refuse to wait for Sam and Callen when Hetty suggested they needed backup. Just another sign that this team knows and trusts each other. Of course they had to go in alone anyway, but still.

“I think we wait until he reloads.”
“Did you SEE the size of his magazine?”

Deeks volunteering to draw the guy’s fire because it was his turn to get shot. I wonder how they figure that out. Draw straws every morning?

Ah, okay so I wrong about Cleary being the kid’s dad. But I was partially right since he was the kid’s grandfather. Win!

The look on Callen’s face as he watched the family reunite. Aw, poor Callen.

Deeks moaning and groaning on the ground after Sam fouled him. That was an Oscar worthy performance right there.

Hetty (of course) taking her job as referee very, very seriously.

“Don’t make me kick your butt all the way to the locker room Mr. Hanna….”

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “….and don’t you think for one moment that I wouldn’t.”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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