How I Met Your Mother “The Broath” Review

Like the rest of the How I Met Your Mother gang, I completely fell for Barney and Quinn’s scheme on “The Broath” tonight. After watching Quinn push Barney around, I was totally on board for the “Quinntervention.” Right up until that moment when she reappeared inside Barney’s apartment, I thought she had been playing Barney for a fool once again.

Even after their elaborate prank was revealed, I’m still not 100% sure I can trust her. I understand that Quinn’s scams were tied to her “Karma” persona at the strip club, but in tonight’s episode she excited to dupe Barney’s friends before ever meeting them. By that measure, I suppose I shouldn’t really trust Barney (he does the exact same thing on a regular basis) but he’s had 7 seasons to prove his loyalties to his friends and to reveal his vulnerabilities. We’ve only just met Quinn, so I’m a little more protective of Barney even if they do make a phenomenal pair of con-artists.

Barney’s emphasis on Ted’s middle name, Evelyn*, during the “broath” scenes made me crack up. After making the whole group take a broath, Barney required that the ladies kiss to seal the deal and, of course, Lily wanted to keep kissing Robin. Lily’s girl-crush on Robin is one of my favorite running gags in the series and it was played hilariously here. Marshall and Ted’s awkward kiss after Barney implied that they would have to do the same was cute too.

I loved Barney’s retelling of the Ides of March events within the framework of a broken broath. Like most of Barney’s “fake history,” the assassination of Caesar didn’t go quite as we had all learned. In his version, “Bro-tus” died as a result of a broken broath. After he defeated a team of assassin ninjas, Caesar (aka. Barney-in-a-toga) took his vengeance on Bro-tus (aka. Ted-in-a-toga) by delivering instant death via shuriken to the forehead.

While I had been hoping that Barney and Robin would eventually end up together, there were a couple things said tonight that led me to believe that their story might not end up where I originally wanted it to. I’m not sure if this is the typical How I Met Your Mother intentional misdirection here, or if we’re actually being given legitimate hints about Robin, Barney and Quinn.

Ted made a comment that he and Robin would not see each other for a long time after they parted ways at MacClarens. I’m not sure if Robin’s absence will have something to do with her promotion or if there’s a more dramatic story behind it but it was clear that here was going to be a long period of time when he wouldn’t see Robin. Robin wasn’t in the room when Barney was preparing for his wedding all those episodes ago. Initially, that led me to believe that perhaps Robin was the bride-to-be. Now it seems possible that Robin might not have been at Barney’s wedding at all.

In tonight’s episode, after Barney asked Quinn under what circumstances she would quit stripping for money, she replied that she might stop once she was married. Barney appeared to mull the thought of marriage in that moment. I like Quinn a whole lot more than some of Barney’s other girlfriends, but she’s no Robin. If the love of Barney’s life is going to be Quinn, and he decides that he wants to walk down the aisle with her, I sure hope the writers on How I Met Your Mother give us time to fall head over heels in love with her too.

  • tiff go

    It’s not ‘Eleanor,’ it’s Evelyn. Ted Evelyn Mosby. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Talk about a brain fart! Ha! (I must have had The Chipmunks on my brain…)