Exclusive Scoop: Switched At Birth’s Star Katie Leclerc Teases Spring Finale Episode Details and A Potential Second Season Shocker

Switched At Birth fans, we got some news for you.

During a recent chat with series star Katie Leclerc about tomorrow’s spring finale episode, we got some very interesting tidbits that we couldn’t wait to share with you:

– Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Wilke ‘s relationship changes dramatically.

– John and Kathryn’s relationship takes a turn as well.

– While a second season is not confirmed yet, there is talk that a well known character played by a hunky man with a bit of an accent might be making a more prominent stay in the second season. I have said too much already.

If you want to know who it is, click on the image below:

For more, tune in tomorrow when we publish the full interview with the wonderful Katie Leclerc.