House “Love is Blind” Review

House returned tonight from what felt like a longer than normal hiatus (the last new episode aired on February 20th) with “Love is blind”. After having Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber guest star on an earlier episode this season, House is continuing to make me very happy by casting Michael B. Jordan of The Wire and Friday Night Lights fame as the patient of the week: Will Westwood. It was a pretty cool opening scene, as we Michael B. Jordan himself staggering through a busy intersection and almost getting hit by multiple cars.

So he’s whisked off to Princeton Plainsboro, where there’s already a lot of drama going on. House’s mom is in town, and it appears to Wilson that she’s dying of some terminal disease. But when House goes to visit his mom at her hotel room, he unknowingly stumbles in to see that she is back together with Mr. Bell (The guy who House believes to be his biological dad) and that they are…erm…physically intimate.

When Wilson forces House to go out to dinner with Mr. Bell and House’s mom, you just knew that House was going to try to act out in some way. Then sure enough, he shows up with Dominika and attempts to turn the tables on his mother. Unfortunately, the whole thing backfires when Mr. Bell is completely accepting of Dominika AND House’s mom knew all about him being in jail. House then decided he needed to reveal something to them, so he tells the both of them that he knows that they’re his biological parents! The best part of this whole scene, however, was Dominika. Her big goofy smile when House was showing everybody his birthmark, and sheepishly raising her hand for dessert, was both hilarious.

As far as the actual patient of the week, what do you think happened? He presented with mild symptoms, they got progressively worse, and at the last second they figured it out and were able to save his life. It was a nice bittersweet moment to see Will propose to his girlfriend, having now lost some of his hearing as well as being blind, although knowing that there are definitely some hard times ahead for the couple.

Now with only eight episodes left of the series, hopefully we get an answer to the cliffhanger here: Who is House’s real dad? Will it be somebody we’ve met before? Or somebody else entirely? We’ll find out soon!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody notice what game Dominika and House were playing in the children’s hospital? It was the fictional game that the game developers were making in the season six episode “Epic Fail”!

– This is a very dark show. I don’t mean it’s depressing or that the content itself is dark, I mean it’s literally dark. Lots of times these people are meeting in rooms that have no lights on. When Park was on her bad trip, and when Mr. Bell and Wilson were looking at House’s pictures, you could barely see anything! Is this noticeable to anybody else?

– It cracks me up how everybody has such deep, philosophical discussions whenever they’re in that scanning room putting the patient through their tests. Chase even made a joke about it this week: “Are you talking to me or writing a Facebook post?”