Being Human (UK) “Making History” Review

It’s the penultimate episode of Being Human‘s fourth series! ‘Making History’ saw Annie travel into adult!Eve’s future to learn what became of the human race — and her friends. Meanwhile Tom decided to help with Cutler’s plan to (supposedly) kill the Old Ones, and Cutler’s history with Hal was revealed. All in all, it was a bloody good episode.

It wasn’t without its flaws, of course. It was obvious early on in the series that the blonde woman was Eve and that baby!Eve needed to die in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled, so some of that exposition seemed redundant. I think the only saving graces in that storyline was that Eve had a burnt arm (although the ‘I’m the killer, you’re just the knife’ explanation was a bit weak) and that the future was brutal.

It was the boys who had the better storylines again this week, at least in my opinion. Cutler’s plan was explained and it was ingenious: reveal the existence of werewolves to the masses and then tout vampires as the protectors of the human race. And then, as Eve’s future shows, the vampires would be in a prime position to take over the world. And who made this plan possible? Hal, of course.

The parallels between Cutler, turned and broken down in 1955, and Hal, given blood and broken down in 2012, highlighted the differences between them. Hal may have taught Cutler that making history is the most important thing, but Hal himself just wants to be normal now. Sure, he said: “sooner or later we all go back to being the monsters we truly are”, but he also de-vamped himself and resisted the lure of baby!Eve’s blood in order to feed and soothe her.

Could this change of heart be the key to saving baby!Eve’s life? Adult!Eve claims that her younger self needs to die to kill the vampires and save the world (it’s in the prophecy), and Annie is trying to come to terms with the idea of killing her, but could baby!Eve, the centre of this oddball family, be the thing that keeps them fighting and helps them to overcome the Old Ones? I may just be reaching here — I really don’t want the cute little baby to die. Although, that said, I’m curious about how the three would interact if she were no longer around…

Next week’s shaping up to be great: the Old Ones are in town, proof of the existence of werewolves will be all over Youtube, and surely Hal’s still hopped up on human blood. How do you think series 4 will end? And more importantly, who else thinks that little girl Old One is going to kick some serious ass?

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