The Office “Get the Girl” Review

As Jim aptly wondered, what is going on at The Office?!?!

The cold open with the falling balloon was so funny and classic Office. Destroying that balloon was as magical as the moment when the cube on the dvd screensaver finally hit the corner of the tv screen several seasons ago. Like Kevin once said, “dude, you gotta believe.”

This review is probably going to be a series of “what the hell…” observations as it was a recurring theme in tonight’s episode. To begin, what the hell is going on with Tony Toby? Seriously? Is he trying to take on a new identity without anyone noticing? I looked past those huge glasses but you can’t just go giving out a new name, especially when it is so close to your actual name. I’m not convinced that was a slip up. I think Toby was really trying to flip the script on us.

Was it just my tv or did Erin’s initial outdoor Tallahassee scene look like a really bad green screen shot?

To be such an intimidating person, Robert California seems a bit cowardly when challenged by a strong woman.

It takes a lot to be strange on The Office. The characters are constantly stretching the limits of strangeness so far that I’ve grown used to it on the show. Somehow Nellie and Robert manage to shake my immunity and just outright creep me out. Most of the time I can’t even decide if they’re being funny because I can’t translate the gibberish they’re spouting out.

I may not get Nellie but she sure does get people – or maybe she’s a witch. Either way, I could never turn down the lure of a sexy work day nap. Oh yeah.

As Nellie worked to usurp Andy’s position in Scranton, he was down in Tallahassee finally admitting his feelings about Erin, to Erin. I loved Georgia Engel’s guest spot on the show but I’m glad that Erin is returning to Scranton. Between using other people’s toothbrushes and boiling hot dogs in old hot dog water, Erin was a major health hazard waiting to happen. The Office writers do a pretty good job at not making it painful to watch couples finally get together. I’m happy that Erin and Andy are now official (pending his breakup from his current girlfriend). So who’s next? I think it’s about time Darryl finally had some good luck with his warehouse crush.

I have no comment on Glenn getting his foreskin caught in lawn furniture at Home Depot.

“Those who can’t farm, farm celery.” – Dwight K. Schrute

Sound off below on this week’s episode of The Office. The episode was pretty funny but the entire lineup got a little bit sweeter with the return of Community. #sixseasonsandamovie!