In Plain Sight “The Anti-Social Network” Review

This week’s episode of In Plain Sight kicked off the final season of the series. I appreciate that USA allows viewers closure. However, I do not want to hear any discussion about a series finale for Psych. I digress.

The last time we saw Mary Shannon, she went into labor shortly after killing a guy to protect Stan and Marshal Marshall. It was pretty apparent that Mary had no intentions of giving her baby up for adoption but we had no indication of what that meant for her job, for her other children (Jinx and Brandi) or for her relationship with the Mark (the baby’s father).

It was good to see that Mary’s world had not completely turned upside down thanks to her newest addition to the family. I was a bit skeptical when the writers decided to include Mary McCormack’s real life pregnancy into the show. Mary would clearly make a great mother but I always wanted to see her figure out the relationship thing first. I am one of the sappy viewers that believes she and Marshall are soul mates but I think the In Plain Sight writers would disagree. Rather, they might say that soul mates are not necessarily the people with whom you have romantic relationships. Although a bit formulaic, I’ve loved this show since season 1 so I will trust the writer’s judgment. Maybe.

Mary is quite the hover parent and Jinx is hoping to get the final bit of redemption that eludes her by being the parent she could not be to her young daughters. Brandi is still a cluster. The runaway bride is off with her long lost brother day trading and drinking excessively. If the writers decide to include a major death in the final season of In Plain Sight, I would like to nominate – no I insist that it be Brandi. I can deal with the repetitive premise of the show but I cannot deal with Brandi’s never-ending cycle of bad choices.

Marshall is still dating Nancy Drew and in my opinion, the relationship is compromising their professional judgment. Their botched attempt to secure the flash drive defied all logic. Everyone knows that Witsec is up against some omnipotent, omnipresent, well-educated power brokers who hold high positions in so-called important places. Although they got a huge assist from Tippy, Marshall using his girlfriend as his backup while chatting up Mary on the phone about relationship crap is just bad judgment.

It was good to see that Stan has taken a lov-ah. It was so strange how the writers just ditched the woman that worked at their office with very little discussion. Some of my favorite moments on In Plain Sight have involved Stan dishing out a little comeuppance to a deserving recipient. Riled up Stan is hot. Admittedly, I love Paul Ben-Victor (Stan) because he was on The Wire. I love all people and things related to The Wire, except the drugs, the poverty, the despair – you know what I mean.

Mary’s therapy sessions were revealing. It makes sense that Mary would want someone to protect now that her children, Jinx and Brandi, are moving on with their lives. However, I don’t buy that Mary would purposely botch her birth control in order to have someone new to protect. Although Mary has displayed her sensitivity at times, she’s no one’s damsel in distress and she’s certainly not the type to trick someone into a pregnancy.

I was happy to see In Plain Sight return to television and enjoyed the episode. I look forward to this final season as Mary embraces motherhood and remains dedicated to her career. Between a newborn baby and returning to work, Mary is busy. I fear that within a few episodes she’ll have another baby, Brandi, to fuss over. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Jinx will solve everything during her trip so we can be saved from watching it play out.

Sound off below on this week’s episode of In Plain Sight. How do you think it will all end for Mary and company? How cute is Norah? That baby is too adorable!

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    Lol. They got rid of Eleanor (the woman that worked in the office) because she was married to the producer/creator of the show and when they ditched their whole production team after season 2 they lost her too. 

    My greatest hope for the Brandi plot line at this point is that she will go to rehab and then get back together with Peter and be an asset to Mary’s life. Maybe I’m crazy, but Peter was one of my favorite characters last season. I think he’s Josh Molina’s always worked great with Mary (they were awesome in The West Wing too!) and I liked that she had one family member that was an adult. I think maybe he has a new show so that might mean no more Peter, but I really hope he comes back. 

    I like Mark well enough at this point and, while I’m not sure I want him with Mary at all, I think I’d be okay with him sticking around. I’m kind of interested, from a dramatic standpoint, in his family. I’m sure they’re around somewhere (probably back in New Jersey)  and have their own feelings about Mary since they were married before. I don’t know why I’m interested in that, but I think maybe just because it would be a really interesting insight into Mary’s past.

    All in all, I really loved this episode and I’m excited to see what the rest of the season brings. As for this “final season” business, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a stay of execution. 

    •  Ahh…I actually remember reading that about the actress that played Eleanor.  I think they addressed it in passing on an episode and mentioned that she went back to the FBI.  I’m excited to see who Stan’s mystery woman is. 

      I’m with you, if Brandi gets it together I would be elated.  Brandi makes horrible choices but her intentions are good.  I think she and Mary deserve the break.  I loved Josh Molina on the show too (as well as on Psych).  I’m not sure what he’s up to these days but I do know there is a huge twitter campaign to get him on Dancing with the Stars.  Perhaps we can get an off-screen reunion.

      I think Mark means well too.  I like your suggestions about bringing in Mark’s family.  I’m sure they have very strong feelings about Mary.  I think it would be a much better plot than those painful episodes with Raph’s aunt.  And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE Rita Moreno.

      I think USA has officially announced that this is the final season but hope springs eternal.  I was in such denial during the last season of Monk but I really appreciate that they give shows closure. 

      Thanks for the comment!  I hope to see you back next week!