Fairly Legal’s Baron Vaughn Talks Season 2, Leo’s New Haistyle, Love Interests, and more [Interview]

Fairly Legal - Season 2 - Baron Vaughn 01
Who’s excited to have Fairly Legal‘s Leo back on their TV? I know I am and it’s only a few hours until the series returns for its second season tonight, March 16th at 9pm on USA.

During our recent set visit of Fairly Legal, TV Equals along with other reporters got to talk to the man himself, Baron Vaughn, and ask him all about Leo’s upcoming shenanigans including his new hairstyle.

On Leo’s change of hairstyle

Baron Vaughn: The hair style was decided on by a barber that had no idea I was on a TV show and just kept cutting when I told him how long I wanted it and his defense was, “well why would you keep it that long if you were getting a haircut in the first place?” But now I want it to be that every season is a different hair cut. So that way people will be able to tell what season it is by the hairstyle. “Oh, that’s the dreadlocks season. That one’s the faux hawk with bangs season.”

On Leo’s relationship with the other characters on the show

Baron Vaughn: The term that I came up with is lovingly detached. There’s a little bit more language in this season in certain episodes of trying to separate myself from so much drama in the LBC. But you can’t help but be sucked into it. I think this season Leo’s a little bit more trying to keep his own identity outside of the firm, but he can’t help but be stuck in the molasses of what is Kate Reed’s love life. [laughs]

Fairly Legal - Season 2 - Baron Vaughn 02

On Kate

Baron Vaughn: He [Leo] would prefer to work with Kate. I mean in the first episode he says if you’re going to be working here, I’d pretty much like to be your assistant as opposed to Lauren. Not that that’s the worst thing in the world but it’s not what Leo prefers. I think that Leo likes working with Kate because they have a similar moral gage. There’s an episode where I actually say that she does good work in this world. So when I’m making copies for her I’m making copies for justice. I think that that’s a big insight to who he is.

On the sandwich girl and a new love interest

Baron Vaughn: The sandwich girl is no more, but there’s a new girl. That’s the kind of relationships Leo keeps. He’s like, two months I’m out, I’m done. He’s very non-committal. There’s a, there’s a new character that comes in, who is very different than the sandwich girl. I believe [she comes in] episode 208. So the eighth episode of the second season.

On Leo’s hobbies

Baron Vaughn: His hobbies if you will, his dalliances are the things that he wants to make his career. For instance, graphic novels. Stuff like that, writing. But again, he still have a very strong moral compass, so like the work that Kate does, I think he would like to move more into a helping people out livelihood.

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On getting to do improv

Baron Vaughn: It’s nice because it’s a great collaboration. Most of the time the writer of the episode is on set when they’re filming that episode or at least they come up to visit if they can. Because it’s different on the page than when we get it on its feet, it’ll read one way but once we’re up and we’re collaborating on it, depending on where we decide on the set we’re gonna shoot it, the tone of the scene may change. So, certain things that were in the stage direction no longer apply. And everybody gets a say in how we put that together and how it will look and if it still makes sense in the arc of the episode. But I still get to throw in some words here and there, especially if the writer is like yeah, I’m not totally in love with that joke, and if you think of something better, it’s like, well I’ll see what happens in the moment. So that does happen, but I wouldn’t say that I in specific tend to improvise more than everybody else, I think. I mean I will do it, most of the time it’s pretty good as written. Last season I was surprised. There were certain things that I couldn’t believe made it. I was like, “what? They put that in?” I was very happy.

On his own hobbies

Baron Vaughn: I said once to a friend, I’m a geek of all trades but I’m a nerd of none. Because I feel like what defines a nerd more than what they love is what they hate. Right? My obsessions to some of the nerds that I know aren’t as intense. Although I do like video games, I do read comics, very intense about the theater. Stuff like that.

I’m very much a comedy nerd. I think that’s probably the thing I’m most intense about as also being a stand up comic.

On TV shows he watches

Baron Vaughn: I do watch a lot of television. My new favorite show of last year was probably Boss. I didn’t get to see Homeland and I’ve heard nothing but great stuff. I loved Boss. I’m like, “wow people,” I mean Kelsey Grammer just, he knocks it out of the park. I’m watching Smash, I still need to start House of Lies, I have a friend in that show. Breaking Bad always is knocking it out of the park. Louie, I love Louis CK, I’ve opened for the guy once. And because of USA, I’ve totally become addicted to NCIS. I cannot stop watching it. Well, I mean Burn Notice is has always been great. There’s a lot of of stuff that I’m watching, a lot of great stuff out there.

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