30 Rock “St. Patrick’s Day” Review

Yet another holiday-related episode of 30 Rock. Yay?!?

I know that I’m starting to sound like a broken record on my ambivalence about Jenna/Tracy pairings but for the first time last night, I had such high hopes when we saw the brief montage of their drunken St. Patty’s day past. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the story ended up being yet another battle of their egos that not even Kenneth and Hazel could save for me. By the way, Kristen Schaal is amazing as Louise on Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t done so already, check it out!

Jack implores Liz to embrace the St. Patrick’s Day magic and he may or may not have cursed her after she refused to acquiesce.

Personally, a visit from my favorite Lemon ex, Dennis Duffy, is a St. Patty’s Day miracle. For old time’s sake, he even greeted Liz with the always charming “hey dummy” as she opened the door. Seriously, can someone get Dean Winters back on my television every week? Allstate commercials with President Palmer doing voice over work does not count!

Liz is uncomfortable with sharing her emotions with Criss and I’m uncomfortable with her entirely orange ensemble. Criss and Dennis bond as bang brothers or if you watch The League, Eskimo brothers. I couldn’t tell if Dennis was trying to get Liz back or trying to sabotage her relationship with Criss. With Dennis, he could have crashed Liz’s St. Patrick’s Day just because he could.

It looks like Dennis was really just there on a random visit and he’s married now. This week’s episode felt like a farewell to Dennis at times with the montage of “hey dummies” and the revelation that he is happily married. Although I don’t think Liz and Dennis were meant to be, I hope that we can still get a visit from time to time. Yes Dennis, we do always come back. How could we not?

Thanks to the magic of Hulk gloves, Liz finally opened up to Criss and told him she loved him – as he sold hot dog buns to drunken people. Criss going with the Hans Solo response was perfect.

I love that Jack got carried away with applying macroeconomics to Colonizers of Lamar Malar.

Favorite moments and quotes from this week’s episode of 30 Rock:

– “Love you.”
“Scooby Doo!”

– “Unicorn hair has magical properties.”

– “I will only do nude stuff if there is a mirror behind me.” How long before Hazel unleashes her crazy on 30 Rock?

Sound off below on 30 Rock. Have a great weekend and may your pornography be free of diarrhea!