Supernatural Thursdays: My Visit to “Supernaturaland” (aka the SPN Burbank Con and Vancouver)

Two weeks ago I was in a world that was perfect and wonderful and I never wanted to leave. What is this mystical and magical place, you ask? It was the Salute to Supernatural Convention held in beautiful Burbank, California (which also happens to be my hometown).

For three whole days, giddy fangirls (and yes, quite a few fanboys as well) were immersed in nothing but Supernatural from morning till night. There were panels from actors on the show as well as people who worked behind the scenes. We watched fanvids, sang our hearts out at the karaoke party, laughed uncontrollably at nearly every panel, got our pictures taken with our favorite SPN folks and overall had the time of our lives.

I told you it was mystical and magical, and the best part for me is that the moment the festivities ended, I was on a plane to that other magical place known as Vancouver. After spending three days in a world of Supernatural, I spent the next five days in the place where it all happens, taking pictures at former filming locations, and even finding my way near a few current ones.

Below are the highlights of my days spent in Supernaturaland (as I like to call it).

First up, my favorite bits from the Burbank Supernatural Convention 2012:

The Friday night karaoke party

I remember back in the day, when the karaoke at the Salute to Supernatural convention every year was (I’m sorry to say) a big ol’ snooze fest. It was a leftover event, free to anyone who came and usually shuffled in to the hotel bar. It was noisy and crowded and you were lucky if you saw one or two of the actors there.

Well all that ended a couple years ago when Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen adopted the sad little party and made it their own. Now it’s one of the most highly anticipated parts of the convention and seems to get better every year. Recently the boys have even turned it into a costume party, inviting guests to deck themselves out in 60’s duds. This year in Burbank we were lucky to have many surprise guests, my favorite being the very furry and yet still very handsome Tim Omundson from Psych.

Photo credit: Carrie R.

Rick Worthy kissing a fangirl at the ‘Most Homo-Erotic Guest Panel Ever’

Richard Speight, Jr., Rick Worthy, Matt Cohen, Sebastian Roche and Rob Benedict were all part of a panel held on Saturday afternoon. Sitting down, I knew with a lineup like that, it was going to be entertaining. What I didn’t expect was the amount of homo-erotic subtext that managed to get put into nearly every question and answer the guys took.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more off the wall, something happened that rocked everyone in their boots (especially poor Rob Benedict, who seemed traumatized for quite a while). A fangirl came up to ask a question and made some comment to Rick that I never really understood (it was noisy and I was in the back). Next thing we all know, Rick walks right up to her and plants a kiss on her that I don’t think the likes of which have ever been seen on that stage. And yes, it most certainly did include tongue.

Photo Credit: Ian Smith

Misha Collins hosting the sweetest panel ever

If the men above had the most homo-erotic panel of the convention, then Misha Collins won the prize for the sweetest panel ever. Fielding various questions from the audience he managed to turn nearly every one of them into a statement of appreciation for the fans that he’s met and the things that he’s gotten to do because of being involved in Supernatural.

Misha told us that he’s now done things he never expected and met people who have become his best friends, all because of this show. By the end of it, I felt a little verklempt……and somehow I don’t think I was alone.

Photo credit: Clarissa Bowen

Jared and Jensen’s panel on Sunday

Another thing I remember from back in the day is Jensen and Jared trying to do their own separate panels. They would each do one, and then one where they would be on stage together. It never worked because while one of the boys was on stage, it never failed that the other would find a way to crash the panel, peeking their head out from behind the curtain to ridicule the answers they were giving, etc.

The con hosts have apparently given up on having them apart and now simply put them up there together and let them talk longer. It was a fantastic idea. Those two play off each other so well and having them together gave us moments such as the two of them “acting” on stage to show us their best fake laughs (see the awesome pic above if you don’t believe how hilarious that was), both of them pantomiming “birth” (you had to be there), Jensen demonstrating how to act for daytime TV and so much more. I actually laughed so hard I was stomping my feet and nearly forgot how to breathe. It was, in short, the best hour and a half of the weekend.

Photo Credit: Clarissa Bowen


After my weekend of fun ended, normally I would have been very depressed. And while I was sad to leave that world behind, I couldn’t help but feel excitement as a couple of my friends and I boarded a plane the very next morning for beautiful Vancouver. What followed next was five days of finding and taking pics of past shooting locations, as well as hunting for the ever-elusive Supernatural crew on set.

Below are some of my favorite pictures from our adventures. Most are previous shooting locations and a couple have never been found before, thanks to the help of a former PA who worked on the set last year. While we did manage to find the SPN crew filming a couple of times, I sadly have no pics of those locations. The crew is very skittish about that sort of thing and I was more than happy to give up my camera if it meant we could hang out and watch for a bit. We didn’t see anything too earth- shattering, but we have seen the outside of Dick Roman’s offices and got to watch a tiny stunt and explosion.

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