6 TV Characters I Would Love to Have for Neighbors

Hank - Royal Pains; Daniel - Stargate SG-1; Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation; Walter - The Finder; McGee - NCIS, Castle - Castle

I was driving to work recently, and the DJ on the radio was talking about some news story and commented on whether or not he would like to be neighbors with the person involved. So, my mind started working and I realized this would be a good topic for an article. In fact, this will be a two article arc, and next week I will talk about the TV characters I would not like to have for neighbors.

Neighbors take on all sorts of different roles in our lives. Someone to chat with when you are doing yard work, someone to help you carry groceries up the stairs to your apartment, someone that gives you a smile when they pass in the hall, someone to borrow eggs from when you are making a cake – or the wild assortment of reasons in the article below!

Walter Sherman – The Finder

Walter - The Finder

The problem with really quirky characters is that you never know in advance if you are going to want to strangle them or hug them. I run hot and cold on this, having despised some quirky characters and adored others. Walter fits this latter category. I am not able to put my finger on exactly what defines this distinction – maybe it is just a gut reaction that cannot be explained.

Despite Walter’s quirkiness, he is so much fun. In fact, this is part of why I would like to live next to him. The entertainment value alone would be priceless. I would love to help him with one of his dioramas! But, it goes beyond that! Imagine having someone next door that can find anything? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Maybe it would take some bit of bribery to get him to help on a less interesting case like the key my husband has lost recently, but it would be worth it!

Hank Lawson – Royal Pains

Hank - Royal Pains

Ok, so maybe it is because I am getting older, but I think it would be very nice to have the MacGyver of doctors living next door. There would no longer be the need to worry about a medical emergency that might occur in your house, and you would likely beat the statistics that say your home is one of the most dangerous places to be!

Add to that the fact he happens to live in a beautiful area, in a beautiful home, making it likely that if you were his neighbor, so would you! What mere mortal could resist living in the high end of the Hamptons?

Timothy McGee – NCIS

McGee - NCIS

Ever have computer problems? If you haven’t, then you do not have a computer, or you are a geek. Just imagine how handy it would be to have Tim living next door to you. Been hacked? Tim can find the person responsible and bring them to justice. Had a disk crash? Tim can recover your data.

In addition, Tim is just a really nice fellow. As a nerd myself, I feel a certain affinity for those that have likely been picked on as a child for being smart. I’m sure we share some similar passions for movies and TV shows, and could enjoy a conversation over a cup of coffee.

Commander Data – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Mr. Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Who does not want to live on a Starship? Yeah, so maybe this is a geek’s dream, but come on, to get to explore the galaxy, and at the same time have a sentient computer living next door, what’s not to love? Not to mention the cute way he cocks his head when you say something that does not compute.

Just imagine all the benefits of living next door to someone with super human strength and containing all of the information gained during more than 23 centuries of human existence. I for one would volunteer in a heartbeat!

Rick Castle – Castle

Rick Castle - Castle

I adore Rick – he’s funny, charming, and oh by the way, did I mention wealthy? He does not do anything half way, and his parties are catered affairs beyond imagine. What fun it would be to run into him on the elevator, and catch up with his latest case with Beckett!

I also am very fond of his daughter and mother, and would love to invite them all over for dinner. Can you imagine how lively the conversation would be? That would be a dinner party to remember.

Dr. Daniel Jackson – Stargate SG-1

Daniel Jackson - Stargate SG-1

Lastly, I am invoking writer’s privilege here (Is there such a thing? If not, I claim trademark rights for the term – LOL!) and must include Daniel. Actually, my husband insisted I include Daniel when I told him what I was writing about this week. Daniel holds a special place in my heart. So, yes, absolutely I would want him to be a neighbor.

Wait, you want reasons? Ok, so be it. Where to start? Just think of all the things he could teach me – about ancient civilizations, about aliens and how to fight them, about the 23 languages he speaks, and most importantly, about how to Ascend. Yes, he’s been to the higher plane more than once, and if any human could teach me, it would be him. I can also imagine many a warm summer nights sitting on the back patio just listening to him tell us about his travels.

Those are my picks for desirable neighbors. I’m sure we all have different definitions of what makes a good neighbor, so do you have any different TV characters you would like to live next to? If so, please sound off in the comments below. Or, if you agree with my choices, tell me what your reasons are for choosing them.