The Voice “The Battles – Week 2” Review

I had three wishes for week two of the battles on The Voice: (1) more Mr. Purrfect, (2) more Cee Lo in red satin pajamas and (3) battles that don’t result in losing great singers too soon. Oh well, one out of three isn’t too bad.

Team Christina:
This week, Christina paired Jeff against Sarah and Lindsay against Lee.
I loved both of Christina’s song selections – Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin and Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box. The latter proved to be very challenging.

Jeff and Sarah were this week’s standout performers. Sadly, because they were pitted against each other it meant we would be saying goodbye to someone that just blew us away. It is also unfortunate that whoever is leaving is much better than many of the singers heading to the live rounds.

Like Lionel Richie, I too wondered what was up with Corey Hart Jeff aka Mr. I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. I wanted to know what was behind the shades! Is it lazy eye? Crooked eye? Crossed eye? Missing eye? Glass eye? Third eye? *Gasp!* Would the youthful-looking Jeff suddenly transform into the 51-year-old man that he actually is? I knew Lionel Richie would be the gift that keeps on giving on The Voice. Thanks to Lionel’s comment about the sunglasses, Jeff gave up the shades for glasses. Mystery solved! Jeff’s eyes looked totally normal and he still preserved his youthful looks. Who knew?

Random aside: Does anyone remember the rumors about the singer Aaliyah when she first debuted? She insisted on wearing her bangs to cover one of her eyes and people speculated there was something wrong with it. I have some friends to this day that still insist that the late singer had a bad eye that she eventually fixed through surgery. I thought we had another Aaliyah situation on our hands.

Jeff and Sarah were amazing! If it doesn’t work out for them, they could totally pair up and be a modern day Ashford & Simpson, Peaches & Herb or Captain & Tennille. Jeff and Sarah managed to battle it out without being combative, which benefited their performances. They truly left it all in the ring but ultimately, Christina chose Sarah to advance to the live rounds.

The only thing I remember from Lindsay and Lee’s performance was the freaky green light, which I really dug. According to Cee Lo, the green light made Lee look Jesus-like and for that reason he thought Christina should have chosen him. Like Alanis last week, Nirvana songs are difficult to sing without making it weird or doing a horrible Kurt Cobain impression. Despite Cee Lo’s spiritually inspired advice, Christina chose Lindsay. Hopefully Lindsay will work out the kinks for her next performance.

Team Blake:
Blake pitted Charlotte against Lex and the girls took on Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks. Like Sarah and Jeff, Charlotte and Lex could be a pretty kickass singing duo. I loved the sound of their voices together during rehearsals. The ladies had a major case of performance anxiety and responded in very different ways. Lex seemed to retreat deeper into her introverted ways while Charlotte resorted to really annoying jokes.

Ugh – the Kia commercials return this week. It looks like this will be a weekly staple with Team Blake contestants, Kia and Miranda Lambert.

Another random thought: Lex Land is a pretty sweet name. With a name like that, you could easily be a rapper, superhero or even a porn star. Sadly for Lex, she is already exploring her post-Voice options as Blake chose Charlotte. I actually preferred Lex. I did not care for her blind audition but enjoyed her battle round performance.

Team Adam:
Adam paired Whitney with Kim and asked them to sing Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama. I like the song but did not like it as a choice for Whitney and Kim. The performance felt a little flat, due to no fault of the contestants. With such a deep catalog of Mary J. Blige songs available, Adam had much better options. To begin, I think he should have picked a more upbeat song. I also think there were other song choices that would better showcase Kim and Whitney’s range. Despite all of her performance jitters, Whitney did a great job and should be proud. Although Adam chose Kim to advance, I’m sure that Whitney is fielding calls about her next career move as I type this review. Kudos to Kim, Mary J. Blige tweeted her approval of Kim’s performance and congratulated her on the win.

Team Cee Lo:
Did anyone notice that Cee Lo is barefoot while assigning battle round pairs? I really did not think it could get any better than the red satin pajamas!

Sarah, Juliet, Jamar and Jamie represented for Team Cee Lo. He asked Sarah and Juliet to take on Rod Stewart’s Stay With Me, which Juliet used as an opportunity to inform viewers that she’s known as the female Rod Stewart. Mmmkay. At times, Juliet’s image and style come off a bit contrived. Thanks to Cee Lo, she will perform again during live rounds at which time I hope she will give us something unexpected.

Jamar and Jamie put on a stellar performance and ended the show on a wonderful note. I’m sure no one doubted that Cee Lo would pick Jamar but I don’t think Jamie will have to return to making sandwiches so soon. The song choice was not the best showcase of Jamie’s talent and frankly, Jamar just outperformed him. The duo’s rendition of Foreigner’s I Wanna Know What Love Is will likely join my iPod playlist along with the Jeff/Sarah duet.

The battle rounds have been quite inconsistent. It is weird to watch pairings with two powerhouse singers followed by singers who could use more development or are just simply not as good as contestants on the other teams. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the live rounds when the audience gets a voice. The coaches did a great job tonight with the contestants. The advice was thoughtful and I like that the coaches look at the blind auditions of the contestant to whom they are assigned as well as their opponent. I knew adding Lionel Richie would be a game changer! Ha!

The awkward never ends on The Voice:

– “I’m gonna go with the one that turns me on.” Oh Blake. You’re married! Reign it in.

– Christina’s boobs managed to actually distract me from that weird little hat she’s been wearing. Although there are far more inappropriate things on tv, some of which are ironically on The Voice, it may not be a bad idea for Christina to reign those puppies in when wearing fashions with deep v-cuts in the front.

– Speaking of boobs, I thought it was pretty funny when Charlotte told Lex she’s got better boobs. Unfortunately, Lex did not get Charlotte’s humor and her reaction was so painful to watch.

What did you think about the battles on this week’s episode of The Voice? Sound off below!