Could ‘Terra Nova’ Be Saved?


Last week the news came down from the folks at FOX that the new drama Terra Nova would not be renewed for a second season; and while there were probably just as many detractors for the show as there were actually fans who wanted to see it return, all hope hasn’t been completely lost.

In a report by TV Line that virtually went viral in a heartbeat, Netflix seems to be in early talks with 20th Century Fox to possibly keep ‘Terra Nova’ alive.

It seems the discussions are very preliminary and it is unclear whether these talks will develop into a full-fledged negotiations; but fans of the show can certainly, for now, hold out hope for the dinosaurs, the Shannon family and all the other residents of Terra Nova.

This news can also be seen as encouraging since the studio reached a similar deal with Netflix to revive ‘Arrested Development’, another canceled series by FOX.

For those unaware, ‘Terra Nova’ told the story of the Shannon family from the year 2149 who, because of a dying Earth, are transported back 85 million years in the past to join a colony of humans striving for a second chance to build their civilization. The series ran for 13 episodes last fall, averaging 6.3 million viewers during its short run.