Bob’s Burgers “The Belchies” Advance Review

After what has felt like an excruciatingly long 10-month wait, Bob’s Burgers is finally returning to the Animation Domination lineup on FOX. I was thrilled to get my hands on an advanced copy of the second season premiere episode, “The Belchies.” Without spoiling any of the great gags, let me just tell you a little bit about what you can look forward to in tonight’s premiere.

“The Belchies” is a sort of Goonies inspired adventure episode with a Belcher-style comedic twist. In keeping with The Goonies theme, “The Belchies” comes complete with a brand new Cyndi Lauper ending theme song which you won’t want to miss.

Louise gets it into her head that there is a hidden treasure in the town’s abandoned taffy factory. Determined to solve the mystery of the lost treasure, she recruits Tina and Gene to help her find it. Before long, some of the local kids (including Jimmy Jr., Ollie and Andy) are tagging along for the treasure hunt.

We don’t spend a whole lot of time in the restaurant, but “The Belchies” still delivers a simple story peppered with the kind of unexpected and outrageously funny lines that made me fall in love with Bob’s Burgers in the first place. Tina and Gene had some of the best lines of the episode, but all the characters made me laugh out loud at one point or another.

As exaggerated and strange as Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise are, Bob’s Burgers has always done an incredible job of making their familial relationships seem realistic. One of my favorite things about this series is that Bob and Linda treat each other like a real married couple would and the kids act like real siblings would.

There are even aspects of Tina, Gene, and Louise’s characters that you can see in both Bob and Linda. In tonight’s episode, for example, while the kids were out on their adventure, Bob and Linda had planned to spend a little quality time together. We discover that Linda had taken certain measures to ensure that her night with Bob would go according to her plan. After seeing that, I suddenly understood where Tina’s insatiable primal drive and Louise’s scheming ways came from. I love that I can see how these kids might realistically be the product of their parents.

While the heart of Bob’s Burgers hasn’t changed in the second season opener, there were a couple little tweaks here and there that I noticed. The character designs remain unchanged, but the animation has improved. The character’s movements appear more fluid than in the previous season and overall, the production seems to be of a higher quality. The opening theme was also modified slightly, but the familiar ukulele sound is still there.

If you’ve never watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers, this might be a great time to start. Be sure to tune in for the long awaited return of my favorite animated family tonight on FOX.