Being Human (UK) “Puppy Love” Review

On this week’s Being Human, ‘Puppy Love’, Tom and Hal go on dates (together, though, of course, not with each other) and Annie kills an old man. We also take another step towards meeting the Old Ones when a senior vampire turns up to relieve Cutler of his command, complete with an action movie hero-wannabe and a model-esque mute. And then there was that ending…

Tom’s date is Allison (that’s A-L-L-I-S-O-N), a university student who leaves home and comes to Wales to search for Tom after seeing him in the video Cutler uploaded to Youtube last week. She’s also a werewolf, though how she became one isn’t addressed, and over the course of the episode she’s taught to kill vampires, gives Cutler an excuse to stake the boss from hell, and, uh, teaches Tom debating skills. Alas, despite his planet-sized crush on Allison, Tom sees a missing persons appeal by her parents in the newspaper and encourages her to go back home.

Hal’s date is Alex, a young woman on holiday in Wales with her dad and three brothers. She’s supposedly only around for a few days and she admits she thinks Hal’s a bit ‘mental’, but she still wants to go out with him anyway. Things don’t go too well, but Hal leaves a message on her voicemail at the end of the episode, and judging by the preview for next week, we’ll be seeing Alex again.

I’ve said it before but I don’t think it can be emphasised enough: Tom and Hal in the cafe is probably my favourite thing ever in Being Human. I could watch them all day. They don’t even have to be together; Hal on his own in the cafe was hilarious.

I was a little unsure about them both being paired up this week, mainly because I worried it might go in a George/Nina, Mitchell/angst sort of direction. Allison leaving at the end of the episode was so sad (call me old fashioned, but I love Tom and his yearning for a special ‘first time’) but I’m glad she didn’t stick around. I don’t know what to think about Alex though. Part of me hopes she’s some sort of evil plant, part of a scheme by someone, because I really didn’t like her. It might just be my personal opinion and other viewers may like her, but I found her obnoxious. (Hey, maybe that’s just because I love museums.)

I almost found Annie and Emrys boring. Almost. There was just something about that storyline that didn’t grab my attention – with the exception of one particular scene. Emrys going through the wrong door was pretty obvious by the lack of white light and spectacle, but I laughed so hard I almost cried when Emrys asked, “Annie, why did you put me in the cupboard?” Still, aside from that scene, it wasn’t great. The ending, however, was.

The young woman from episode 1, the one who wants Eve dead, was back this week, appearing in Emrys’ doorway. She claims to be Eve from the future, calls Annie ‘mum’, and encourages her to come through the doorway. The preview for next week shows Annie in the future — but what will Eve show/tell her? More importantly, will Eve attempt to convince Annie to kill her younger self? Or is adult!Eve trying to get Annie out of the way so there’s no one to stop Hal from doing it? I can’t wait to find out!

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