Awake “The Little Guy” Review

Awake The Little Guy
For most of “The Little Guy,” the second episode of Awake, I was worried that there would be no revelations into the cause of the condition that has split Michael Britten’s (Jasons Isaacs) life into two realities following a horrible car crash. In one world, his wife lived; in the other, his son survived. But in the last few minutes of the hour, there was an unexpected twist…but I’m not entirely sure that I’m buying it.

At its core, Awake is a cop drama with a psychological mystery that holds it all together. Michael is a detective, and in both realities he’s faced with seemingly unconnected crimes. Through his duel perspectives, he’s able to find clues in one or both cases that offer insight into the other case. It’s unbelievable to his colleagues and to the two shrinks who are each trying to convince him that the other world is just in his head, but is it believable to the audience?

At the risk of going out on a limb, I have to wonder if Michael himself was the one who didn’t survive the crash…and if he did, I have a feeling he was the only one who lived and he’s probably lying in a deep coma while his mind floats back and forth between two worlds, unable to let go of either his wife or his son, but unable to construct a reality where all three of them made it out of that car alive.

I honestly I hope I’m wrong, and that the story is far more complicated than that. It seems like it might be, although I’m still on the fence as to whether every TV show these days needs a complicated and hidden conspiracy backstory. Once the crimes of the day were through, we were given a scene in which Michael’s boss (Laura Innes), who seems to exist in the “red” world in which his wife lived, met with a mysterious man to discuss Michael’s survival of the accident that apparently was an attempted murder. She claims to have control of the situation, but the man isn’t so sure, especially since Michael seems fixated on the idea of a short man, and the perpetrator of the car accident was short.

Confused yet? It’s actually a lot clearer than I can make it seem on the page. The one thing the show has done absolutely right is they’ve figured out a way to make it clear which reality we are in at any particular moment. All scenes shot in the “red” world are filmed with warm colors; all the scenes in the so-called “green” reality where his son lived are cool and blue. Even if all the other details are mixed up, this at least is a way for us to keep track of where we are in Michael’s head.

There’s enough mystery to tantalize the viewer and I do have to give some serious snaps to Jason Isaacs and his American accent because not once during the entire show did it ever dawn on me that I was watching Lucius Malfoy. He’s that good.

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