The Finder “Eye of the Storm” Review

The last good hurricane party I attended was during my freshman year of college. I can’t even remember the name of the storm, but watching “Eye of the Storm,” this week’s episode of The Finder, brought back so many fond memories as Hurricane Catherine (named, Walter assumes, for his ex-girlfriend) pounds Looking Glass Key and the Ends of the Earth.

Any show set in Florida is contractually required to have at least one hurricane episode, but I have to say I haven’t ever enjoyed one as much as this. Even in the middle of a Category 4 storm (to give you some perspective, Katrina was only a Category 3), Walter’s “finder” bug latches onto the story of a missing school girl who is believed to have been swept away by the high winds. Walter quickly determines that the police are looking in the wrong place, and through a fascinating combination of social media, a bicycle-powered ham radio, spaghetti diagrams and having Isabel out in the middle of the storm to do his dirty work, he manages to do the impossible and locate the girl. As usual.

I say that, yet the novelty of Walter’s abilities has yet to wear off for me. Perhaps it’s because I simply like him too much. More than that, I think I really like this show. There are some truly great lines and physical comedy moments that make me laugh out loud. I continue to love the relationships between this motley crew.

Even Willa’s probation officer is growing on me. There’s nothing like trapping a group of characters in a bar during a hurricane for bringing them all closer together. I could have done without a little of the sentimentality at the ending, but that was more the guest stars than the cast. I do like that not all of Walter’s cases revolve around a death, though. That’s increasingly rare in episodic television.

Also, from now on, I will secretly call Walter “Senor Cyclone.”

And I want some Hurricane Punch.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!