Person of Interest “Baby Blue” Review

Person of Interest Baby Blue (3)

Person of Interest opened up tonight’s episode, “Baby Blue”, by continuing the cliffhanger from last week’s installment. Even though I still question the concept of M. Elias being recognizable enough of a character on this show for people to remember who he is from week to week, the Person of Interest writers are running with it, so now we’re meeting his dad!

Yep, Mark Margolis is back on TV as Mr. Moretti, M. Elias’ father. After appearing in eight episodes of the greatest show of all time, Breaking Bad, it’s good to see Margolis back on TV. Although we don’t see much of him until we get into our PoI for the week: The adorable 6-month-old Leila Smith.

I’ve praised this show before for always doing a good job diversifying the PoI week to week, and tonight’s episode was no difference. Not only was it a fun change of pace to have a baby’s numbers pop up, but it also allowed for us to have a couple hilarious scenes between Reese and Finch. Carrying a kidnapped baby around in a Baby Bjorn, saving it from setting off a tear grenade, and learning how to change diapers were all great sequences. Not only does they supply some much needed humor to the proceedings, but it really helped the guys develop some strong feelings for the baby and inspired them to keep her safe. Usually they’re just trying to protect them because their number came up and it’s…what they do. This is one of the first times they’ve had any emotional attachment to the person they’re protecting, and it’s a good change of pace.

With only a few more episodes left until the end of the season, what do you guys think is gonna happen? Will Elias kill Moretti? Will Moretti join his son in bringing chaos to New York City? We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– It doesn’t seem like there’s much reason for Fusco to stick around, is there? Now that Finch and Reese have a much better connected and much more capable detective at their disposal, it seems like the only reason to keep him around is for him to one day find out about Carter.

– Did anybody else notice how they never actually showed Reese getting Leila out of the duffel bag? I guess there are rules for what you can and can’t show a baby doing on network TV.

– Margolis looks so much different when he’s not scrunching up his lips like he does on Breaking Bad. He’s almost unrecognizable!