Survivor: One World “Bum-Puzzled” Review

As a general rule, I try to steer as clear as possible from all forms of spoilers. I will even go as far as not watching any CBS promos or the “next time on” scenes at the end of episodes. With that being said, I did hear on the radio this morning that tonight’s episode of Survivor, “Bum-Puzzled” would “Change the game of Survivor forever”! Did tonight’s installment live up to the incredible hype? Read on to find out.

After a quick scene between Jonas the girls regarding their net, we very quickly get to the reward challenge where the girls manage to win their third straight challenge! Jeff really hit it on the head at the end there: This game started out as a complete blowout. I even said as much in my second review! It looks like the girls had no chance of winning a challenge, but now they’ve won three in a row!

Apparently their third straight defeat started getting to the guys’ heads, as we see Leif make a pretty bone-headed move. While talking with Bill, Leif revealed that Bill’s name was being bandied about before last week’s vote. Then, when Colton questioned Leif about it, he asked him a very simple question: Did you tell Bill that we’re voting for him next? After floundering around for an answer for a while, he completely admitted to it. Apart from the fact that he could have just, you know, lied (This is Survivor after all) he tells him that he did tell him that. Here’s the thing: HE DIDN’T SAY THAT! At least not that we saw! All that he told Bill was that he was on the chopping block last week, NOT that he was going next.

I really didn’t think this conversation would matter all that much, but after the guys crushed the immunity challenge, we get right to the big hook in the episode: The Tribal Switch. I didn’t know this was possible or legal, and I really don’t think it should be possible or legal. Hopefully this won’t happen ever again in Survivor, because I was literally moaning at my television at how stupid I thought this was. A large aspect of Survivor is digging yourself out of your hole! You say something stupid, you upset somebody, and you spend the rest of the game trying to make it up to them. Either you keep winning immunity challenges or you scramble to keep yourself in the game! Now if the rest of the tribe can just volunteer to go to tribal to get out a player they don’t like, it completely screws up the whole dynamic!

Hopefully this was just a fluke, and this never happens again on Survivor (Or they make a rule to keep it from happening). If a tribe could to go tribal every time they felt like it, it would completely ruin the whole concept of this game.

Random Thoughts:

– Tarzan repeatedly calling Jonas “Jason” really cracked me up. I’m not sure why, but the way he seemed so confident with the whole Jason-calling was hilarious.

– I’ve been re-watching seasons one and two of Survivor on DVD recently, and it’s interesting seeing how

– I would pay good money to punch Colton in the face. Real good money. Like, taking second mortgage out on the house money.