Jane by Design “The End of the Line” Review

Jane By Design "The End of the Line" Episode 10 (6)
Oh, Jane. It seems like we just started to get to know you, but with this week’s episode, “The End of the Line,” Jane by Design came to its spring finale, and it will be several months before we get some answers to our questions, be they burning or just vaguely irritating.

Everyone in the “Jane and Billy” camp should be celebrating right now, because even if he did walk into what he thought was Jane talking to Jeremy about more than just fashion, Billy at least admitted to himself and to Jane herself that he thinks of her as more than just a friend. He certainly tore Nick a new one for hooking up with Lulu and hurting Jane like he warned him never to do.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The big problems of the night revolved around the Donovan/Decker show at Fashion Week. Remember back when Jane let the Look Book out of her sight? Well, somehow, Gray’s competition found out that they were doing a take on Marie Antoinette. The team had four hours to come up with a new line and, as usual, Jane came to the rescue.

In the middle of some frantic sewing, bow-ing and stocking ripping, Jane thought she figured out who leaked the info to the competition, and when she accused India, Gray jumped right on board and fired her former assistant. India tried to turn it back around on Jane, but it was too late. The problem now is not how far India will go to seek revenge, but the fact that she wasn’t actually the mole.

It was Jeremy all along. He’d lost his passion for the business until Jane came along, but now he’s seen the light and he wants out of his double life. I somehow doubt it will be that easy.

Meanwhile, with Ben aware of her own double life, Jane’s days at D/D seemed numbered, but since Ben is basically a good dude, he couldn’t keep his little sister from her dream job, even after his ego took a bruising when he found out she had pretty much saved them from financial ruin.

And running through the background of everything else was Billy’s arrest. He didn’t try to pin it on his brother, a noble, if stupid act, and the judge, who happened to be Lulu’s father, seemed willing to be fair and unbiased. After a dressing-down from Ben the Awesome Brother, Billy’s bro seemed ready to rightfully take responsibility for the incident, so Billy might be totally off the hook.

As far as finales go, there were some appropriate high points and surprising low points. I figured Jeremy was the mole as soon as he tried to convince Jane that India wasn’t, but it still came as somewhat of a surprise, as did India’s sacking. Hell hath no fury…Jane better watch out.

She had also better come up with something to say to Billy after his love confession, something that’s better than “oh boy…”

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