The River “Dr. Emmet Cole” Review

I would like to start this review of The River with a sigh of relief that Dr. Emmet Cole’s dog is still alive. It was touch and go for a few seconds there when I REALLY thought that dog was going to be breakfast.

This week on The River the story follows Emmet instead of his rescue mission. The current crew of the Magus found Emmet’s Swiss army knife near waterfalls. After searching the water, Tess finds Emmet’s bag with his satellite phone, and a couple of tapes sealed inside. The crew retreats back to their boat where Clark quickly begins going through the tapes.

We flash back to “5 to 7” months ago and see Emmet with Lena’s father, Russ. We also meet a few other crew members including Rabbit played by Paranormal Activity star, Katie Featherston. A bit off topic, but it was nice to see Katie in a role where she wasn’t deeply creepy and possessed. It took some of my fear of Paranormal Activity away seeing her in The River. So thanks for that one, casting directors!

Anywho, Russ basically freaks out on Emmet for involving Lena in their search for this abandoned tribe. Apparently there was some sort of agreement between the pair that they were not going to involve their families in this particular quest. We see Emmet screaming at Russ that Lena is “marked” and present day Lena watching the tapes has no clue what he’s talking about. Tensions are also running high between Russ and Emmet as the Magus doesn’t have a lot of fuel left and no one has come to rescue them.

Regardless, Emmet goes into some sort of trance where the dragonfly from the second episode makes its merry way into his mouth and somehow gives him a burst of inspiration. It also gets a particularly boring little ditty stuck in Emmet’s head, and he can suddenly just transcribe the music notes and be pitch perfect. That was a POWERFUL dragonfly.

Cut to Emmet, Rabbit, and Manny (another crew member) heading towards the Sahte region near the falls. Emmet knows the tribe that they’re looking for is residing in that space. What tribe is this? Truthfully I cannot for the life of me catch the name at any point in this episode, but Emmet explains that these people are known for their incredible health. They never get sick and are immune to all illness. He also goes a little further into the mythology that they ritually cut their skin below their shoulder blades. This placement gives the impression of wings being cut out of the skin; because some believe that these people are actually angels.

Well, where we have angels, we also need to have devils and The River gives us that as well. While camping in the jungle, the trio runs into a spirit called the Tunchi. Emmet thinks this is just an everyday spirit, but Jahel knows better. She explains to the group that Tunchi is actually a demon that sets out to kill.

In true The River fashion, Emmet finds a work around to not being eaten by a demon but not before losing both members of his camp and almost dying in the wilderness. The tribe comes to save the day, back scars and all, and drops Emmet at an outpost. The crew of the Magus heads to find Emmet, but once they arrive the outpost is deserted. Of COURSE it is.

The high points for me this episode were:

  • Finding out that Lena literally has a “mark” on her hairline. What does it mean?
  • Lena confessing that she was the one that activated Emmet’s beacon remotely so people would look for her father. This about broke my heart for the poor girl.
  • The REALLY suspenseful moments when I thought that Emmet was really going to snack on his dog, and the sheer relief I felt when he didn’t.
  • The face pressing against the tent while the trio camped. That was some scary imagery and it will stick with me tonight.
  • What I disliked (there’s only one!):

  • There is no way that the tribe of angels (or whatever) that picked up Emmet would have carried his cameras with them and continued to film. I understand they need to do it for the story, but come on.
  • I continue to really enjoy The River! The show is scary and does a perfect job of mixing mythology and magic with suspense and horror. I’m so sad there are only two episodes left in this season!

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